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Izzy Letty Biography – Izzy Letty Wiki

Izzy Letty, born Isabella Letty, is a London-based potter and ceramicist making small-batch tableware from her London studio. The Winchester crafter is the founder of Izzy Letty Ceramics.

Izzy, originally from Hampton Lane in Teg Down, is a former Peter Symonds and Kings School student but moved to London after university for work. While working in advertising, Izzy started ceramics classes in the evening which soon became the highlight of her week.

“I’ve always loved arts and crafts and spent my childhood glued to Blue Peter, fashioning ugly things out of pipecleaners and ice lolly sticks. I went on to study English Literature at Exeter University,” Izzy told Aspiga. “After graduating I pursued a career in advertising, working in London for 3 years until everything changed when I started a beginner’s evening class in pottery.”

“From first getting my hands on clay in the evening class, I became completely obsessed and spent every minute I could in the pottery studio. During the pandemic I went down to a 4 day week at my advertising agency job and spent evenings, weekends and Fridays installed in my parents garden shed, practicing throwing on the wheel.”

After taking up a spot at a school for young artists in Denmark, Izzy quit her job and is now pursuing potting full-time from her studio in London, with the help of her TV mentor who guided the Winchester born potter through making a business and refining technical skills.

Izzy Letty Ceramics

Izzy Letty is a potter who makes small batch tableware. Pieces are made from stoneware clay thrown on the wheel. Izzy’s pots are made for everyday use with a focus on shared eating experiences.

When designing, Izzy often envisions an evening feasting with friends; a table strewn with too many plates and bowls, candlesticks dripping with wax and food piled high on plinths.

Izzy is drawn to making tableware because they like the things they make to be used in people’s day-to-day lives. A mug or a bowl is interacted with in a tactile way and lives among us – held in the hand and moved from room to room.

Izzy Letty Age

Izzy was born Isabella Letty in 1993 in Winchester, Hampshire, England. The potter is 30 years old as of 2023.

Izzy Letty Make it at Market

Ceramicist Izzy Letty was a maker on the first series of the BBC show Make It at Market, presented by The Repair Shop’s Dominic Chinea.

Izzy told the Hampshire Chronicle: “There was a call out on a Facebook forum looking for early career potters but it said nothing about the BBC1 so I got very excited when I found out.

“The aim of the programme is to help makers who adore their craft and would love to be full-time but don’t quite have the business acumen to make it happen. Helping with the craft itself, price points, marketing strategy and efficiencies.

“The programme has definitely put me onto the next chapter of my career. Before I had a lot of passion and knew where I wanted to get to but didn’t know how. The mentorship through the show has shown me the roadmap I need to take.

“It was incredible for the business side but I’m also self-taught as a potter so having the mentorship of a professional potter has also been great for my pottery.”

Izzy Letty Instagram

Izzy Letty’s Instagram handle is @izzylettyceramics.