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Evgenia Citkowitz Biography – Evgenia Citkowitz Wiki

Evgenia Citkowitz is an American author, journalist and wife of actor Julian Sands. She is the daughter of author Lady Caroline Blackwood, heiress to the Guinness beer fortune and the stepdaughter to the poet Robert Lowell. She is the author of “Ether” and “The Shades”.

Her critically acclaimed novella and short story collection, Ether, was published by Farrar Straus and Giroux in the USA and was Editor’s Choice in The New York Times and Book Club selection for The New Yorker, according to her biography on her official website.

Her work has appeared in various British journals including London Magazine and The Sunday Times. She was longlisted for The Sunday Times EFG Private Bank short story award, and was one of the winners of The Word Factory’s Neil Gaiman, Fables for a Modern World story competition.

Evgenia Citkowitz Age

Novelist Evgenia Citkowitz was born in New York in 1964.

Evgenia Citkowitz Julian Sands

Author Evgenia Citkowitz is married to the British actor Julian Sands. The pair married in 1990. Sands lives in the North Hollywood neighbourhood of Los Angeles with his wife, writer Evgenia Citkowitz. They have two children; Imogen Morley Sands and Natalya Morley Sands.

He was previously married to Sarah Sands, former editor of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, with whom he has a son, Henry Sands.

Evgenia Citkowitz Net Worth

Citkowitz is an heiress to the Guinness beer fortune. The Guinness family fortune is thought to be worth more than £850m. The family owns a stake of about £200m in Diageo, the company that makes Guinness. Author Evgenia Citkowitz’s net worth is unknown.

Evgenia Citkowitz Family

Evgenia Citkowitz is the daughter of Lady Caroline Blackwood and Israel Citkowitz. Her mother, Caroline Blackwood, was a legendary novelist and the heiress to the Guinness fortune. Given her long history of drinking and smoking, she was diagnosed with liver and lung cancer. Her oncologist gave her three weeks to live. She died of cancer in 1996 at the age of 63.

Born into the fabulously wealthy Guinness brewing dynasty, Caroline Blackwood grew up among the aristocracy in her ancestral stone mansion in Northern Ireland.

She was known for her high-profile marriages, first to the painter Lucian Freud, who painted her famous 1952 portrait, “Girl in Bed.”

She eloped with Freud to Paris in 1952, where they lived for two years and kept company with the likes of Pablo Picasso. His tendency for gambling and recklessness were among the reasons for the breakup of their marriage.

In the wake of their separation, Blackwood took an interest in acting and moved into Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont, while she played a small role in the television series, Have Gun Will Travel.

When she moved to New York, Caroline married composer and pianist Israel Citkowitz, a very accomplished man who was 22 years her senior. They were married for seven years, but by the time she gave birth to their third child, Ivana, their marriage was over too. It wasn’t revealed until Blackwood was on her deathbed that Ivana’s real father was in fact one of her rumoured boyfriends, screenwriter Ivan Moffat. Despite her infidelities, Blackwood stayed friends with her second husband, Citkowitz, even after she left him for the American poet Robert Lowell.

Her third husband, poet Robert Lowell, described her as “a mermaid who dines upon the bones of her winded lovers”.

Evgenia Citkowitz Nationality

She is of American nationality.