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Emily Weir is an Australian actress. She is best known for her role as Mackenzie Booth on the Australian soap opera Home and Away. The Brisbane native landed the part of fierce restaurant owner Mackenzie Booth in 2019, after previously winning the Billie Brown Award for Best Emerging Actress and Best Supporting Actress for her role in the theatrical production of Tartuffe.

She is a graduate of Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting).

Emily has been open about her long struggle with anxiety and alcohol. Throughout her twenties, Emily used alcohol as a coping mechanism to hide her crippling anxiety, which began after her parents divorced.

“In my 20s, I was lost and confused,” Emily told Now To Love. “Things were on the line and I nearly lost hope. It was difficult to ask for help, because I had too much pride. So when I was at what felt like the point of no return, something inside me said, ‘I have to change. [I] need help.’ The turning point for me was hitting rock bottom.”

“I was fortunate I had people around me when I needed them. I tried everything I could [to get better]. The struggle out isn’t easy, but I clawed my way out.”

Emily Weir Age

Emily Weir was born in 1991. She hails from Brisbane.

Emily Weir Husband

Is Emily Weir married? She isn’t married and therefore doesn’t have a husband and/or partner.

Emily Weir Partner

Emily Weir is single. She dated one boyfriend whom she met on a Contiki tour when she lived in Europe. “We went out for drinks in bars around Prague and that was pretty cool. Ingredients for the perfect winter date night?”

On the most romantic thing a partner’s ever done for her, Emily Weir told New Idea: “Once for my birthday, a partner paid for me to go to China for 10 days and we visited the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. It was epic.”

On the screen, Emily Weir who plays Mackenzie and Tim Franklin who plays Colby on the hit Australian soap are a couple. As for Mackenzie’s future in Summer Bay, there’s something Emily hopes to see on the horizon…”It would be nice for her to have a wedding one day, wouldn’t it?”

Emily Weir and her Home & Away co-star Shane Withington have a strong bond offscreen. They consider themselves to be “besties”. Shane has been married to his former ACP on-screen wife Anne Tenney for more than 30 years. In an interview with New Idea, Shane and Emily talked about their closeness offscreen.

“She’s gorgeous, witty, talented, fun to be around and has a maturity far beyond her years,” Shane said, as Emily added, “I just love him to bits.”

Emily Weir Family

Brisbane-born actress Emily Weir is from a close-knit family. Her parents divorced when she was in her late teens. She lives with her mother Christine, her brother Tom and his daughter.

Emily Weir Dancing with the Stars

Home and Away star Emily Weir was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars 2023. She was partnered with Lyu Masuda. She supported the Sydney Retreat, a rehabilitation and recovery centre, throughout Dancing With The Stars.

7plus Interview

Why did you sign up to Dancing With The Stars?

I have loved Dancing With The Stars since I was a little girl. It is such an amazing show full of glitz, glam and red-hot routines. I have always marvelled at the dancers on the show and to be a part of the show has always been a dream of mine.

Do you have any fears going into the show?

Absolutely: falling on my face, forgetting the steps and not doing my dance partner proud. I have more excitement and enthusiasm than fear and just want to have fun and celebrate doing something as cool as learning a new skill.

What do you think your dancing strengths are or will be?

I am pretty risky, so I will try anything that my partner throws at me. I say yes to everything, and try it once. I’m all about throwing myself 100% into the process. I also have a very strong work ethic and know this competition requires a lot of stamina and persistence, so I have that in my back pocket.

Do you have any previous injuries that you need to consider?

I have a bit of a bad lower back and my knees can be clicky old gals but it is all about stretching and not overexerting too much.

How many hours are you rehearsing each week?

It varies with my Home and Away schedule, but I’m doing at least 25 hours a week.

Do you have any fun dancing anecdotes?

[I] once was dancing on a podium when I was out with my friends and trying to do some sexy moves while walking backwards. I misjudged how long the podium was and ended up on the ground with a hurt ankle. I got wheeled out of the establishment and off to hospital to get some crutches.

Who’s your biggest threat to win the show?

I think everyone is unique in their own way and brings something individual to the competition. I think Paulini and Virginia are going to be amazing.

Emily Weir Weight Loss

Home and Away star Emily Weir stays fit by going to the gym and running.

Emily Weir Height

Emily Weir is reportedly 5 feet 6 inches (1.7m) tall.


Emily Weir’s Instagram handle is @weir.emily.