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Charlotte Fisher Biography – Charlotte Fisher Wiki

Charlotte Fisher is a budding interior designer and contestant on BBC’s Interior Design Masters. She has been featured in Real Homes, SelfBuild & Design, and Style at Home magazine. Her passion for DIY started at a young age and her fun stand-out interior style grew as she renovated properties with her husband Sam.

Charlotte Fisher Interior Design Masters

Interior designer Charlotte Fisher is a contestant on series four of Interior Design Masters on BBC One. Charlotte announced her appearance on the series on Instagram, writing, “I’m appearing as a contestant on BBC’s Interior Design Masters s4!”

“If renovating a house in Cornwall, playing Eva Peron in Evita, starting a new job and of course, creating little Elton wasn’t enough to pack into 2022, I was also secretly filming for s4 of one of my favourite TV shows.”

Charlotte Fisher Husband

Interior designer Charlotte Fisher is married to Sam.

Charlotte Fisher Baby

Charlotte Fisher and her husband, Sam, have a son, Elton Patrick Fisher, who was born on 3rd February 2023. She announced the birth of their baby on Instagram. She wrote:

“I’m so proud to announce that Elton Patrick Fisher was born on 3rd February 2023 and we are finally home.

“Elton struggled to breathe 2 hours after he was born because he has OA/TOF. This meant his oesophagus had not properly developed and had veered off to join on to his trachea. He was rushed to Saint George’s for an emergency operation. Since then he has been learning how to swallow and recovering with the amazing team at NICU.

“Thank you for all your supportive messages and sorry if i haven’t managed to reply. Sam and I have had the most challenging two weeks of our lives, although it started with the best moment when we met our little rocket man Elton.

“Almost three weeks later we are finally home and sure, there will be some more challenges ahead for us when Elton is slowly introduced to solid food, but he has shown to be an absolute fighter so far.

“They say bad luck comes in threes and it sure does – my bag was stolen from my wheelchair day 2 and on the day we got home Sam tested positive for covid (you couldn’t write this stuff) but we are “still standing” (had to get another Elton song in)…send positive vibes our way and no more bad luck please universe!

“Welcome to the world Elton, our little star.”

Charlotte Fisher Illness

Charlotte Fisher was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 23. She revealed her condition during dyslexia awareness week in October 2022. She wrote on Instagram: “I was diagnosed with dyslexia at 23 when my postgrad tutor asked me if I’d ever been tested. Turns out I have dyslexia and dyspraxia.

“So many people with dyslexia are frightened to tell their employers and friends because of the fear of being labelled stupid. I’ve misread and mispronounced words so many times and had the micky taken out of me for it. Being a lawyer, there’s a pressure to be perfect and this can be tough sometimes.

“But where would I be without my dyslexic brain? Studies show that those with dyslexia are more creative, have active imaginations, tend to be more practical and have the ability to think outside the box. So this week I’m taking a moment to celebrate my creative eye and I can do anything attitude, which led me to interior design and DIY”

Charlotte Fisher Instagram

Charlotte Fisher’s Instagram handle is @thehousethatcharlottebuilt.