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Bruce Faulseit Biography – Bruce Faulseit Wiki

Bruce Faulseit, full name Bruce Kenneth Faulseit, is an award-winning furniture designer and maker, hailing from New Jersey but now residing in West Yorkshire. He is also a television presenter & expert on BBC’s Money For Nothing and Channel 4’s Mend It For Money. He was also a co-host on the Channel 4 show The Great Garden Evolution.

Although born missing his right hand, that has not hindered his work both in ethic and ability. The woodworker creates bespoke pieces for both private & commercial clients as well as his own range of tables, chairs, side tables designed for Knightsbridge Furniture which are influenced by mid-century design.

Bruce is a regular expert on the BBC 1 television show Money For Nothing and the Channel 4 show Mend It For Money, in which he repairs, repurposes and creates products from people’s unused or broken items. He was a co-host on the brand new Channel 4 show The Great Garden Revolution in 2021. Although not a gardener, Bruce has also appeared in two Garden Makeover Series The Great Garden Revolution and most recently Love Your Garden.

He has also been nominated for Product Of The Year for Loose Furniture at the Mixology21 Awards for his design named “Tron” for Knightsbridge Furniture.

Bruce Faulseit Age

Bruce Faulseit was born in September 1979 in New Jersey, USA. He is 44 years old as of 2023.

Bruce Faulseit Wife

Is Bruce Faulseit married? He is reportedly not married and therefore doesn’t have a wife and/or partner.

Bruce Faulseit Hand

Bruce Faulseit was born without his right arm and wore a prosthetic hand as a child and has had numerous surgeries on his hand. The New Jersey native opened up about living with a disability in an interview with Disability Horizons.

Speaking about the use of a regular prosthetic hand, he said: “When I was 12, I went back and had one of the first electric prosthetics, which looked more like a real hand that opened and closed. I didn’t wear it much though because I found it so heavy and bulky and just didn’t feel right for me.

“I have also had numerous surgeries over the years to separate the fingers correctly in my left hand.”

In May 2018, Bruce shared a photo of his hands on Instagram, writing, “Most posts here are about about beauty in one form or another. I offer you my hands. I was born missing one and the other took a few surgeries to separate fingers and restore movement. They are beat up and scarred. The one is pieced together with skin from my legs and despite this I learned to work with them and make the most of what I was given.”

Bruce Faulseit Money for Nothing

Bruce Faulseit is an expert on the BBC’s Money For Nothing. He joined the BBC 1 television show in 2018.

“I was asked to be on BBC’s Money For Nothing in 2017 because I followed Simion Hawtin-Smith who is an upholstery expert on the show and I happened to comment on a photo of his cute dog,” he said. “He then looked at my profile and saw my chairs. He showed the producers my work and they contacted me!”

Mend It For Money

Speaking about how he became an expert on Channel 4’s Mend It For Money, Bruce told Disability Horizons: “With Mend It For Money on Channel 4, I was asked about that after they saw me on the BBC show. On my first ever episode, I transformed some slatted doors into a pair of chairs and I am still proud of that to this day.

“I also did a stained glass room divider and I did all the glass and led work myself. That was a new challenge for me but so fun.

“Plus, I replicated a pair of rosewood mid-century chairs and fixed the table that had been brutally chopped down. The contributor couldn’t tell the difference between the reproduction chairs and the original, which meant a lot.”

Bruce Faulseit Nationality

Woodworker Bruce Faulseit is of American nationality.


Bruce’s Instagram handle is @brucekennethdesigns.