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David Lilly Biography – David Lilly Wiki

David Lilly is a jeweller and stained-glass window maker from Chichester. His daring sense of style comes from his personality and unique perspective as a colourblind person. For David, making jewellery is a form of personal expression and his pieces have been described as bold and in your face. David is often known to sing out loud at his bench and also founded a singing group he regularly sings in.

On what first interested him in making jewellery, David told the BBC: “In 2017 I went on a medicine walk – where you go out walking whilst contemplating a question – and the idea is the answer that comes to you on the walk. My question was, what should my work be? And the answer that came back was monolithic. I started working on big copper vessels but became disconnected with the work, so I took the scrap pieces of metal using the same technique and did it in miniature. Suddenly I discovered I was making jewellery. It was only when I started creating my first collection in silver rather than copper that it suddenly became clear what monolithic was: it wasn’t the size, it was the shape.”

David Lilly All That Glitters

David Lilly was a jeweller on the second series of All That Glitters. The other All That Glitters contestants who competed for the UK’s next up-and-coming jewellery star are Bonnie Hay, Emma White, Jack Mitchell, Nyanda ‘Rudi’ Yekwai, Piers Carpenter, Steve Ali and Tianne-Louise Simmons.

On what he learnt from the show, he said: “I learnt that I could do lots of different things in jewellery making that I had never done before, the vast majority are things that I would never have thought of making. The most interesting part is that we were given a restricted amount of materials and we had to work with boundaries, like a limited amount of time. I think it’s always interesting to have boundaries to work in because invariably the piece that you make is better. That was a very different way of working, which was really interesting in itself.”

David Lilly Age

All That Glitters star David Lilly is 62 years old as of 2024.

David Lilly Husband

He lives in West Sussex with his husband Krish Surroy.


David’s Instagram is @davidjlillyjewellery.