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Amy Coveno Biography – Amy Coveno Wiki

Amy Coveno is a reporter and weekend news anchor for WMUR-TV Channel 9 in New Hampshire. Since 2007, the Emmy-nominated Journalist has anchored WMUR News 9 This Morning on Saturdays and Sundays – a program that expanded to three hours in 2011. During the week, she is a field reporter, often doing live-shots from crime scenes or severe-weather events.

While many viewers may think sitting behind the anchor desk is the best assignment television journalists can get, Amy would disagree. She instead prefers the grit and challenge of field reporting. Her work has been Emmy nominated a number of times.

Amy attended high school in Ramstein, Germany. She majored in TV journalism at Colorado State University, but didn’t actually get into the business full-time until 2003 when plans to go to law school were diverted by an offer from WHIO in Dayton, Ohio, to report and anchor on weekend mornings.

Amy’s work has been Emmy-nominated a number of times and awarded by Hippo magazine readers, Best TV Reporter in New Hampshire. In 2018, Amy’s reporting earned her a second Edward R. Murrow Award as well as a New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters Granite Mike Award for her news documentary about the effects of the opioid crisis on New Hampshire grandparents.

Amy has been a proud member of the CASA-NH governing board since 2010. CASA is a volunteer organization standing up for NH children in our court system. Amy joined forces with CASA of New Hampshire and continues to be invigorated by the important, life-changing work CASA volunteers do every single day in the most confidential settings with the most vulnerable people in our communities — abused and neglected children.

WMUR Amy Coveno Age

She was born on December 19, 1968, and grew up in the United States.

Amy Coveno Husband

Amy Coveno has been married to her husband, Rick Coveno, for more than 20 years. They have four children and they reside in New Hampshire. She grew up as an Air Force child and then married into the Air Force herself. She and her husband have traveled the country and the world with his career before settling in New England when he retired.

Amy Coveno Children

Amy and her husband Rick Coveno have four children; three daughters and a son. Their eldest daughter is serving as an officer in the USAF and is currently stationed at Andersen Air Force Base Guam in the Western Pacific.

Amy Coveno Family Feud

WMUR-TV Weekend Anchor and Reporter Amy Coveno and her family competed on “Family Feud” in May 2014. Amy, her husband, Rick Coveno; mother-in-law, Sandy Coveno; and daughters, Francesca and Delaney, were contestants on the nationally syndicated game show, “The Family Feud” in May 2014.

Amy, who was the team captain, applied to be contestants, and they tried out at Foxwoods, along with hundreds of other families. Once chosen, they flew to Atlanta in July for the games; they taped three games over a period of more than six hours. The show aired on Channel 7, WHDH, on Tuesday, May 13, Wednesday, May 14, and Thursday, May 15. Sandy Coveno is a member of the Burlington Historical Commission and the Burlington Cultural Council.

Amy Coveno Weight Loss

In August 2017, Amy Coveno revealed she had received offers of weight loss programs during her time at WMUR-TV. Celebrating her tenth anniversary at WMUR-TV, she wrote in a Facebook post: “I have received a lot of HAIR advice over the years( Meteorologist Josh Judge will never let me live down the ‘bangs era’) and offers of weight loss programs and clothing feedback…but mostly I’ve received encouragement and love for the stories I tell from the viewers of NH and for that…today and every day I am grateful.”

In April 2014, Amy carried out a ‘selfie’ story on the weekend newscast, about apps that can “make your selfie look flawless. Remove extra weight, blemishes etc.” She went ahead to share an ‘untouched’ selfie of herself and Meteorologist Josh Judge on Facebook, writing in the caption: “Pease be kind..neither of us has the time or interest in digital touch ups!”

Weight Loss

Amy owns two Newfoundlands; Emma and Daisy. In December 2020, she shared her rescue story about dogs with That Newfoundland Place. Dr. Lauren Flanagan of Pepperell (MA) Veterinary Hospital informed Amy that “your dog needs to lose weight. It’s not an easy task and expect it will take some time. We strive for weight loss of 1-2% of body weight per week. Feeding and exercise habits will need to be modified. Be sure to keep a food diary and include ALL snacks and treats.”

“These often account for an unexpectedly large number of calories and most people tend to be lax in keeping track of all the little snacks. Keep the diary for several days and determine from the diary the number of calories your dog typically eats in a day, then reduce the total calories by 25%. Increase your daily walks, add in some short jogs, add in hills. These are general guidelines and may not work for every dog but it’s a place to start. Talk to your veterinarian, they will certainly be helpful and supportive and give you some ideas and resources, and most importantly, a walk-on scale to keep track of your dog’s progress.”


Her Twitter account is @amyWMUR. Her Twitter bio reads, “Reporter, Weekend Anchor @WMUR9. Links & RTs aren’t endorsements. Opinions are my own.”

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