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Amanda Middleditch Biography – Amanda Middleditch Wiki

Amanda Middleditch is a British teddy bear and soft toy restorer and TV personality. She is well known for her regular appearances on the BBC series ‘The Repair Shop’. Amanda and her fellow expert Julie Tatchell own a restoration shop known as “Bear It In Mind”. They founded the business in 2006. The two teddy bears and soft toy restorers. Their shop is located in Hythe, Southampton, England. At the shop, they deal with restoration, repair, and cleaning services for vintage and well-loved teddy bears and other soft-bodied toys.

Amanda and Julie are popularly known as ‘The Teddy Bear Ladies’. And it’s a moniker of which the two teddy and dolly restorers are justifiably proud.

“We absolutely love the name,” Middleditch said in an interview with Stuff. “We were ‘The Teddy Bear Ladies’ before being on TV when we were just working together and the label has just stuck. It’s lovely.”

The pair met after Middleditch dropped in to the craft workshop that Tatchell was running.

“I’ve had a lifelong love of teddy bears,” Middleditch told Stuff. “That progressed, I suppose, as I got older and it became a more serious hobby.

“I started to make and then design them and that was my career for a while. I would sell them to various outlets and then people wanted them repaired. And then I met Julie.”

Middleditch had been looking for another retail outlet when Tatchell suggested that she make her bears on site as an attraction to visitors. They quickly developed a rapport before setting up a business together.

“It wasn’t long before we were receiving many requests for repairs and restorations,” she said. “Not long after this, we began to dedicate our business to restorations alone.”

The Repair Shop’s Amanda Middleditch says she never gets sick of working with teddy bears.

“Every teddy is different and they’ve got these little faces and personalities,” Middleditch said. “So I never tire of them. I have over a hundred at home that I have collected. Most of the ones I made myself I have gifted.”

“I’ve got one special tiny bear that I’ve had since my childhood that my granddad made for me from vinyl that he got from a pair of boots that I’d outgrown and really loved.

“He saw that I was so upset, that he made this teddy out of them. It’s the funniest little thing you’ve ever seen but Granddad made him and I adore him.”

Amanda attended the University of Southampton, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Geology. In spite of her university degree, Amanda went on to join her partner in the teddy bear and soft toy restoration path. Together with Julie, they have a joint Instagram account where they post updates about their works and what they are working on.

Amanda Middleditch Repair Shop

Amanda Middleditch is one of the experts on the BBC’s The Repair Shop. She is easily recognised on The Repair Shop because of her pink hair. Middleditch and her fellow expert Julie Tatchell have been onThe Repair Shop since 2017.

Talking about the Repair Shop Middleditch previously said: “We are delighted to be able to share our skills with a worldwide audience and give hope to those who, to date, have felt there was nothing that could be done for their precious item. The work we undertake helps to show that repairing and restoring is both good for the item as well as the owner.”

Amanda Middleditch Age

The Repair Shop’s Amanda Middleditch’s age is unclear.

Amanda Middleditch Husband

Is Amanda Middleditch married? She is married. Amanda and her husband have one son.

Amanda Middleditch Height

She stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m) tall.

Net Worth

Amanda Middleditch’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.


Amanda’s Instagram is @theteddybearladies.