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Adi Nevgi Biography – Adi Nevgi Wiki

Adi Nevgi is a contestant on MasterChef Australia 2023 and a doctor from Victoria, Australia. Had she not been needed full time on the front line of a busy Melbourne hospital during the global pandemic, Adi Nevgi may have been in the MasterChef kitchen much sooner. This year [2023], however, Adi is lightening her workload to allow time to rejuvenate, travel, cook and go after her MasterChef dream.

Largely self-taught through cookbooks, websites and watching cooking shows, Adi’s passion for cooking has grown as she’s experimented, practiced and developed her palate by visiting a whopping 55 countries. Adi also has a deep love for her ancestral cuisine, Indian, but draws inspiration from flavours across the world.

Adi’s study of general medicine and endocrinology has also contributed to her love of food, deepening her understanding of the science behind it. For Adi, cooking represents the perfect blend of academic and creative pursuit, and she’s been inspired to start writing her own cookbook, a ‘how-to guide’ on learning cooking basics.

Adi thinks her determined and unflappable nature will keep her on an even keel in the kitchen, though admits baking is a weakness given her savoury preference.

Ready to give the competition her all, this pocket rocket’s goals are sky-high and she’ll stop at nothing to achieve them, according to her MasterChef Australia Season 15 biography.

Adi Nevgi Age

MasterChef Australia contestant Adi Nevgi is 31 years old as of 2023.

Adi Nevgi MasterChef Australia

Adi Nevgi is one of the 18 contestants competing on the 15th season of MasterChef Australia: Secrets & Surprises in 2023.

Posting on Instagram, Adi wrote: “AHH! Living out a goal of mine here – so delighted to say I will be on MasterChef Australia this coming season!
Cooking is how I de-stress… I think it’s about to become how I stress. Can’t wait to see what fun is in store for me! The Secrets and Surprises start Monday, 1st May 2023!”

She added in another Instagram post, “What a bunch of people! Maybe the “secret and surprise” will be we all just get to hang out and cook together and there’s no eliminations and no saying goodbye and we just get filmed having a nice time and hugging each other,” alongside a photo of the MasterChef Australia 2023 contestants.

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Adi Nevgi Ethnicity

MasterChef Australia 2023 contestant Adi Nevgi is of Indian heritage.

Adi Instagram

Adi Nevgi’s Instagram handle is @adi_nevgi.