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Chris, also known as Chrisalys, is a MasterChef UK 2023 contestant on BBC One. He is a circus performer at The Box Soho London. Born in the Cotswolds, he grew up in London and now lives in Henley-on-Thames with his boyfriend.

According to his bio on his official website, Chrisalys began his training and career in dance in 1997 at The Prestigious Laban Centre for Movement and Dance and The London Studio Centre, after this he trained in Circus Arts at the UK’s leading circus companies Aircraft Circus and The Generating Company, founders of the millennium dome show London. He also trained in circus at The Infamous Coney Island NYC in sword swallowing and fire performance, to add to his skills as a unique one of a kind Circus Artist and Director.

Chrisalys has developed a fused style of aerial acrobatics, fire artistry, traditional sideshow skills and macabre theatre. His high impact, polished shows combine lively energetic characters! His shows command the audience scream and beg for More!

In 2007 Chrisalys joined The Generating Company as Duty Manager and Aerial Coach. He worked on co-ordinating and planning of all professional level circus classes, for Full Time and Evening Students. In 2009 Chrisalys joined Aircraft Circus as Marketing Assistant and Course co-Ordinating of all classes. Chrisalys has also taught at Aircraft circus focussing on Aerial Acrobatics and Performance Technique.

Chrisalys joined the cast of The Box Soho in 2011 when it first opened in London’s West End. He has performed over 11 years of nightly shows in this infamous London Hotspot. He is truly well known in his characters on stage creating large production numbers based around him. Chrisalys has also toured thru Europe with The Box and continues to create material going into the future.

Over his career he has performed for the world biggest shows and names Supperclub, Torture Garden & TG World Tours, Erotica Olympia, Dragon-i Hong Kong, Cafe De Paris, The Black Cat Cabaret, Madame Pains Boudoir Circus and the worlds leading fetish clubs.

During the 2014 Circus Fest at London’s Roundhouse, Chrisalys was a company Circus Artist in the show ‘ Puffball’ a LGBTQ circus production produced by London’s Roundhouse, Directed by Mark Storor. After its sell out run at The Roundhouse, it went on to tour the UK to more sold out audiences.

Chrisalys has continued to work with Mark Storor during 2015 on his new show The Barometer Of My Heart a project funded by The Wellcome Trust and The Arts Council England. This performance was based on biomedical science and Male Erectile Dysfunction. He continues his work with Mark Storor in 2021 in The Suicide Chronicles and Heart of Glass in Liverpool. During 2023 Chrisalys will create a solo touring production of his own journey with Mark Storor, Brining his own stories on to the stage.

Alice Cooper took Chrisalys alongside him while he was touring his show Halloween Nights Of Fear in the UK. performing his own acts alongside the main sell out concerts.

Most recently he has appeared in Vogue Magazine as his most famous of character Mr Pig! Depicted in the world of The Box Soho. The Guardian has featured him personally in ‘What I See In The Mirror’ a reflection of ones life.

The V&A Museum London has acquired Photographic printed portrait of Chrisalys, that will stay permanently in its Theatre and Performance collection. Detailing his contribution to Theatre and Performance.

TV and Commercial work includes Acting for HBC Crime Drama Ragdoll, Adverts for Suzuki as a Actor and Fire Breather. Chrisalys was a guest Circus Artist performer on The Podge And Rodge Show Ireland RTE showcasing his unique and wonderful skills.

Chris Age

Chris is 43 years old as of 2023. He was born in the Cotswolds and grew up in London.

Chris MasterChef

Chris is a contestant on MasterChef UK 2023 cooking for John Torode and Gregg Wallace. The MasterChef 2023 Contestants in the fourth week of heats are Anurita, Chariya, Chris, Emma, Fabio, Josh, Nikka, Robin and Ryan.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

My cooking style is like my job ‘performative!’ I love nothing more than the pressure of cooking and making sure all the timing is right! I always want the person eating my food to be wowed with the flavour and excited by the theatrical take on the dish. I’ve been inspired by restaurants where they have performers too but i’ve always wanted more connection between the two. If you’re eating Octopus with black rice, let’s see a giant underwater theatrical scene with sound immersion going on around you, I want the full effect. I’m all about the senses when cooking whether it be visually, musically and last but key is taste great!

What is your earliest cooking memory?

My earliest cooking memory is making Sunday roasts with my mum and grandma. It’s still is a HUGE favourite for me and one that I have perfected over the years. I learnt so much from those times and then going forward I have travelled the world with my performing job so have been lucky enough to eat some incredible ingredients which also inspires me massively.

Why did you enter Masterchef?

I entered MasterChef for a very personal challenge, to try to find a new direction in life that would one day encompass my love of food with my love of entertainment and performing. It was a personal goal (can I even do this?!). I also love being a performer and having the chance to be on the programme in that gorgeous MasterChef kitchen with John and Gregg is amazing. I knew it would be a huge challenge but I believe you must push yourself in life and try out those dreams. They really can come true if you just try!”

What is your food dream?

My food dream is very unique! I’d like to take my Chrisalys Circus Pig character and turn him into a TV food chef! I think we have space in the world for a cooking fire breathing pig on TV and what better place to start a food career than the MasterChef kitchen. I’d love to travel more and then who knows one day have that performance restaurant that I dream of with acrobats, trapeze artists, fire breathing all with delicious theatrical food, wouldn’t that be amazing!

Chris Gay

Chris is openly gay. He has the gay pride flag in his Instagram bio, a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements.


Chris’ Instagram handle is @chrisalys_fire_breathing_pig.