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Yalda Hakim Biography – Yalda Hakim Wiki

Yalda Hakim is an award-winning anchor, foreign journalist, and BBC World News presenter and correspondent. She joined BBC World News in December 2012 as a presenter and correspondent. Hakim made her on-screen debut in March 2013 presenting a special three-part series of Our World entitled, Iraq: Ten Years On.

Before joining BBC World News Yalda was the presenter of SBS Dateline in Australia. From a headline-making investigation in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province to her reporting from Libya during the Arab Spring, Yalda has built up a wealth of journalistic experience around the world.

While reporting for SBS’s Dateline show, Hakim delivered stories from the Middle East, the United States, Africa and Europe. In March 2012, Hakim was the first western journalist to visit one of the villages in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province, where US soldier Staff Sgt Robert Bales is alleged to have shot and killed Afghan civilians.

Hakim’s report “Anatomy of a Massacre” traced the steps of the rogue soldier to help shed new light on the events of that night. It made headlines around the world, particularly in the United States, with extensive coverage across the major news networks.

Other career highlights include interviewing the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, and travelling with him to Pakistan for talks with President Asif Ali Zardari and Iran’s leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about peace in the region. She was also on the ground in Libya as the people fought for freedom from Gaddafi’s rule, and reported on the resulting refugee crisis in Tunisia as thousands fled the conflict.

She presented Dateline from a range of locations including from Ground Zero in New York as the world marked ten years since the 9/11 terror attacks; from the streets of Juba, South Sudan, as thousands celebrated the new country’s independence, and from Afghanistan ten years into the US-led invasion, where she interviewed a failed suicide bomber in one of the country’s most notorious prisons.

Hakim was born in Afghanistan and moved to Australia in the late 1980s after her father fled Kabul with his family when Russia invaded. She began her career as a cadet journalist at SBS’s World News Australia. She filmed her first story for Dateline in 2008 called “Yalda’s Kabul”, where she returned to Afghanistan. Hakim was also a finalist for the Australian Young Journalist of the Year Award and won the United Nations Media Peace Prize for Best Australian Television News coverage in 2009.

Yalda attended Macarthur Girls High School in Parramatta, Sydney, where she played the violin and became a sports captain. She also attended Parramatta West Public School. She graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Arts, in 2004. In 2005, Hakim earned a Diploma in Journalism at Macleay College, Sydney, and graduated with a journalism degree via distance education from Monash University in 2007.

Yalda Hakim Age

She was born on June 25, 1983, in Kabul, the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.

BBC Yalda Hakim Husband

Is Yalda Hakim married? She is married to her husband Abed Rashid. Her husband is an avionics engineer, who served for eight years in Royal Australian Air Force. He remained in Australia for a year when Yalda first moved to London.

“I needed him to come [to London] when he felt it was right, rather than just move over for me,” Yalda said in the February 2017 edition of The Australian Women’s Weekly. Now, Abed lives in Oxford, where he is an avionics engineer. The former RAAF sergeant usually sees his wife about every four days. If Yalda is on assignment, the couple can spend up to two months apart due to her remote and sometimes dangerous story locations.

“When we got together, my career hadn’t kicked off,” Yalda said. “I was working in the industry, but finding my place. He was very much within the Air Force and travelling a lot. A day after we got together, he disappeared for three months.”

“I had to very much get used to that and be supportive of what he did. So when the roles reversed, he was incredibly supportive. I would describe him in many ways as a feminist. He enjoys seeing what I do.”

“A lot of people ask him how he deals with me going to dangerous places and disappearing for weeks on end, sometimes without making any communication or contact with him, and he sort of says, ‘Well I did the same thing. Why should it be any different if she is doing it?'”

Looking at her own parents’ marriage, Yalda sees many parallels with her own. Her father left Afghanistan for seven years, living in what was then Czechoslovakia, to continue his architecture studies. Her mother worked as a midwife in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, travelling into remote villages to assist women who could not access hospitals to give birth.

“Because they had always had a long-distance relationship with four kids, I don’t think they find our choices bizarre,” she said. “I think it’s kind of the challenge of modern- day relationships – there are no rules. People just do what works for them in that relationship and I think that’s important and healthy.

“Last year [2016], I left London for eight weeks and I was travelling across Asia, and I came to Australia, then travelled to South Sudan to film another story. Perhaps if we had children the dynamics would change – that I couldn’t disappear for eight weeks because there would be someone else who’s dependent on me,” she added.

Yalda Hakim Baby – Yalda Hakim Child

Journalist Yalda Hakim and her husband have a son. Before the birth of her baby, The Australian Women’s Weekly reported in 2017 that Yalda “deals with the question of children with some frustration, admitting it “plays in the back” of her mind. She says no one at the BBC has asked her whether she plans to have children, but describes it as “shameful” that, in 2017, young women are made to feel worried and stressed about the decision.”Eventually, I’d like to think about having children and I hope that for the generation 10 years younger than me or younger, it’s not something that worries them,” Yalda told The Australian Women’s Weekly. “Women who have built a career and enjoy their work, you do think the whole notion of having it all is actually false. It’s a false pressure that’s put on women that we need to somehow make everything work. It’s about actually figuring out what works for you and your life.””

Yalda Hakim Parents

Yalda Hakim’s parents are Zabrina and Wali Hakim. Hakim’s parents grew up and met in a very different Afghanistan, before it was torn apart by conflict in the Cold War, and, later, the “war on terror”. Her father was a 31-year-old architect when he fled under the threat of conscription by the army. Her mother, a midwife, was 27. They had met 10 years earlier when, as a young tutor, Hakim taught maths to his future wife.

“My parents instilled [in us] a belief that there are no limits, that we could succeed in whatever field we chose,” she told Monash University. “While global politics and issues of social justice were always discussed in my family home, it was Nancy’s stories about Fleet Street and the BBC that influenced my decision to become a journalist. As a kid, I would watch current affairs stories and think, ‘That will be me one day’.”

“The one thing my parents really instilled in us is an awareness of the huge opportunity we had growing up in Australia,” Yalda told the Independent. “They made sure we had the right education… and kept our focus.”

Yalda Hakim Family

Yalda Hakim is the daughter of Zabrina and Wali Hakim. She is the third of five children. The family fled Kabul on horseback after the Soviet Union invaded and her father faced conscription. After two years in a refugee camp in Pakistan, her family moved to Australia in 1986. When the family arrived in Australia, Yalda was three years old. In Australia, the family stayed at the Villawood Migrant Hostel in Sydney and were provided with services such as English lessons to help them assimilate.

Yalda Hakim was a baby when her family fled Kabul on horseback. “I was six months old when my family fled Afghanistan, in 1983,” she told Post Magazine. “Before we left, my father had been in Czechoslovakia for seven years studying architecture. When he returned, he found a country on the brink of war and was conscripted into the army. The Soviets had invaded and there was a Communist government in place. Me, my siblings and my parents left in the dark of night and crossed the border to Pakistan – my brother and sister on one horse and me and my mother on another. My father was on foot with the people smuggler. The journey took 12 days and was quite dangerous because the government wanted people to stay and fight. After two years, my dad decided to get the family out (of Pakistan). He had a connection in Australia and we moved to Sydney.”

Yalda Hakim Sister

Success in the media runs in the Hakim family. Yalda Hakim’s younger sister, Mariam “Maz” Hakim, works for Virgin Radio in Dubai and hosts her own national program.

“My dad used to tell us all the time to dream big and there is nothing that can limit you – aim for the sky. I think it’s incredibly important for migrant families, for the parents to push their daughters to progress and move into an industry they want to, rather than just an industry their parents think is suitable for them,” Maz told The Australian Women’s Weekly.

The sisters are very close. Yalda will tell Maz where she is going on her reporting trips – but she keeps it from her parents, so as not to worry them. “My mother is a big worrywart just like most mums are,” Maz said. “My mother is a big worrywart just like most mums are.” The other person Yalda always tells where she is going is husband, Abed Rashid.

Yalda Hakim Salary

She earns an estimated annual salary of $100 thousand.

Yalda Hakim Net Worth

Yalda Hakim’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Yalda Hakim Instagram

Yalda Hakim’s Instagram handle is @yaldahakim.

Yalda Hakim Hindi

As well as English, Hakim speaks five other languages including Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Pashto and Dari, and is currently learning Mandarin.

Yalda Hakim Measurements

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