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Will Breman Bio – Will Breman Wiki

Will Breman is is a singer and a songwriter who is a contestant on season 17 of The Voice. He is one of the final three contestants remaining on Team Legend, along with Katie Kadan and Marybeth Byrd. He went to college in Santa Barbara and after his graduation, he liked the area so much that he chose to live there while pursuing his music career. The Voice films in Los Angeles, which is only about a 2-hour drive from Santa Barbara, so he is not far from home while he participates in the reality singing competition.
He is a talented looper and he sings all of the tracks and plays all of the instrument tracks for the songs that are performed. Then the tracks are all looped together and he can develop a one-person orchestra with a variety of different voice-overs and instruments coming together to form the song. He possesses this talent and he’s really good at it because it sounds like he’s performing with a full band of musicians.

Will Breman Age

He was born on November 10, 1993. He grew up in Woodland Hills, California, which means his hometown is even closer to The Voice stage.

Will Breman Parents

His parents’ identity is not revealed to the public, however, after his Asperger’s diagnosis, his mother and father were looking for ways to help him in his development. They introduced him to music with the belief that it would be something that would be instrumental in giving him comfort and something that would further his development. As it turned out he became a soul musician as well as a one-man-band.

Will Breman Girlfriend

He is single, details of his dating life are unavaiable and he is neither married .

Will Breman Music

He has an album Santa Barbara Soul Music that contains his best songs such as Annemarie, Tiny House, The Way You Are and other incredible performances.

Will Breman The Voice

On one of his birthdays, he reflected on how much his life changed in the past year, and how The Voice is an important part of that. Reflecting, he wrote “I was grinding hard, and music quickly became my only means of income, so I felt like I HAD to make it work… My motivations had skewed far from where they were when I started doing music professionally and turned into motivations that were more fickle and petty (getting back at the people that turned their back at me). I was miserable.” Later in the post, he revealed “One year later, I’m not perfect, but I’m happier. I know that I have what it takes to make my dreams a reality, and I know that they’ll happen so long as I keep believing and grinding. I’m confident enough in myself to know that whatever happens tomorrow and Tuesday… I’m coming out of this stronger. Thank you guys for joining me on that journey. Let’s see what year 26 has to offer.”

Will Breman Blind Audition

When he auditioned for season 17 of The Voice, he chose to sing “Say You’ll Be There” for the coaches. His impressive performance inspired both John Legend and Gwen Stefani to turn their chairs, and Legend even gave him a standing ovation at the end of his performance. In talking to the coaches after he was done singing, he revealed that John Legend has been a huge musical influence on him. Flattered, Legend got on stage alongside Breman and the two proceded to sing a duet which all but sealed Breman’s spot on Team Legend.

Will Breman Aspergers Syndrome

He was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism, and his parents believed music would be helpful in his development. According to Breman’s bio for The Voice, he learned to sing at the early age of 3 years old. The idea to get Will interested in music came from his parents after he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome because they thought it would help with his development. On his website bio, he explains that he first took singing lessons from his mom, and taught himself how to play the guitar.

His bio elaborates that “As a songwriter, his goal has consistently been to channel deep emotions that cannot be expressed through any other medium. He has taught himself multiple instruments to achieve this, and immersed himself as many different cultures and styles of music as possible.”

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Will Breman Net Worth

Will Breman’s net worth will be updated.

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