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Tristan Cameron-Harper Make it at Market

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Tristan Cameron-Harper is a professional stone carver based in Scotland. He has delved into the ancient craft, exploring traditional techniques and cultivating a unique carving style. Under the guidance of professional stone carver David McGovern at Monikie Rockart Tristan has honed his skills through dedicated practice, resulting in a refined craftsmanship that is truly remarkable.

Possessing a natural gift for stone carving, Tristan has dedicated himself to the craft, working on significant Pictish monuments for prominent clients. His passion for stone carving is driven by a love for imaginative concepts, from breathtaking landscapes to the fantastical and mystical.

Alongside his accomplishments as a stone carver, Tristan’s talents extend beyond the craft. As a retired professional Ice Hockey player, a Qualified Mountain Guide, and a professional photographer, his diverse experiences contribute depth and creativity to his work in stone carving.

Tristan Cameron-Harper Make it at Market

Stone carver Tristan Cameron-Harper is one of the talented makers featured in series 2 of BBC One’s Make it at Market, presented by Dominic Chinea.

He announced on Instagram, writing: “I will be appearing on BB1 on the show @makeitatmarket where l will be talking about and showcasing my stone carving.”

Tristan Cameron-Harper Instagram

Tristan Cameron-Harper’s Instagram handle is @tristanstonecarving.