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Tob Cohen Biography – Tob Cohen Wiki

Tob Cohen is a former chief executive officer of Dutch conglomerate Philips East Africa who lived in Kenya for many years.

Tob Cohen Missing

Cohen was at the time of his disappearance pursuing a divorce case against his estranged wife Sarah Wairimu Kamotho. He had also filed an assault case against Sarah.

Sarah told Cohen’s friends that he had left for Thailand to seek treatment but detectives say that there is no evidence from immigration department that the missing tycoon had left the country.

Although Sarah had said that Cohen left for Thailand, she also went to Kilimani Police Station on July 22 and reported that Cohen was missing.

Detectives were intrigued by the disappearance since it happened shortly after two letters, dated July 20, 2019, that purported to withdraw both the divorce and assault case were sent to Cohen’s lawyers; Judy Thongori for the divorce case and Dunstan Omari in the assault case. The letter to Thongori was stamped as received on July 24.

Sarah was arrested on Wednesday and locked up Muthaiga Police station after day-long interrogations at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

According to DCI boss George Kinoti, she is a prime suspect in the disappearance. “She is the prime suspect and that is why she was arrested,” Kinoti said, “We suspect he may have been killed and that is why we want to seek more time from court to continue detaining her until the investigation is completed.”

In previous interrogations with police, she told told police that Cohen was last seen on July 20, when he left their Kitisuru home in Nairobi, and has never been seen again.

According to a letter she wrote to the Dutch Embassy, “Tob has depression and mental condition he won’t address for personal reasons and this has (been) and is causing a lot of problems.”

“He has become impossible to live with, even though we try. The family has stepped aside due to the abusive and vindictive nature of his condition.”

Tob Cohen Found

Police found the body of missing Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen in a water tank within his compound in Kitisuru, Nairobi. According to Director of Criminal Investigations boss George Kinoti, the late Cohen’s body was found on Friday September 13, 2019 dumped in an underground water tank in the compound.

Tob Cohen Age

He was 71 years old.

Tob Cohen Wife

He was married to his wife Sarah Wairimu Cohen (Sarah Wairimu Kamotho).

Tob Cohen Net Worth – Tob Cohen Wealth

Information about Tob Cohen’s net worth is being updated. However, his Kitisuru villa is worth Sh400 million.

Tob Cohen Children – Tob Cohen Family

Cohen had an adopted daughter. He had a sister, Gabrielle Van Straten, and a brother, Bernard Cohen.

Tob Cohen Burial

Tob Cohen was buried on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at the Jewish cemetery on Wangari Maathai Road in Nairobi. The burial, which was initially scheduled for Monday 23 September 2019, was postponed to Tuesday due to failure to get 10 rabbis.

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