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Kimoon Do is a South Korean magician and contestant on Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) 2023. He is an artist with the Majestic Magic Production, offering magic-related products for magicians worldwide. The Majestic hope we can deliver infinite possibilities through magic.

Through Majestic Magic Production, Kimoon has released several magic-related products including Be My Guest, Exodus, Half & Half, Mr. Impossible, No Setup Card Magic, Bookmark, The Getaway, Stuntman Jack, Multiplayer, Buddy Buddy, Lucky Day, Double Assembly, Simple Collector, Pictorial and Lazy Leader.

Kimoon Do Age

Kimoon Do was aged 31 at the time of his Britain’s Got Talent audition. He was born in 1991 in South Korea.

Kimoon Do Britain’s Got Talent

South Korean magician Kimoon Do is a semi-finalist in the sixteenth series of Britain’s Got Talent. The 31-year-old magician from South Korea created the perfect blend of comedy and magic for one amazing and magical audition. He impressed judges Simon Cowell, Bruno Tonioli, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden.

In his audition, Kimoon headed down to the judges’ table to begin his act, where he revealed he had a special card not normally found in the standard decks.

It featured a blue arrow on it, and he revealed it would help him fix any mistakes when guessing different cards at different times.

Kimoon then asked judge Simon to shuffle his cards for him, consisting of four aces, before getting Amanda to pick one at random.

She picked the ace of spades and showed it to the crowd, before handing it back to him.

As the magician then managed to find all of the aces from the pack one-by-one, he then claimed to be missing the number nine card before the card with the blue arrow in appeared back in the pack.

He “used this card” to locate the number nine, which was now in his jacket pocket in the place of the blue arrow which was now in his hand.

Kimoon then placed all of the aces into his empty wallet, except for the ace of spades which went into his pocket.

But as he continued working his way through the spade suite, he instead placed the very same ace cards onto the table and found the missing cards in his wallet.

First he showed the Jack and the Queen but the third card was the blue arrow, until he turned over the card that was now in his pocket.

It’s then that the third card changed to the King before the eyes of the judges while it was still in his hand, without him turning it around or hiding it.

The card in his pocket transformed instantly into the blue arrow that had just been in his right hand seconds earlier.

As the judges looked puzzled and the crowd cheered, host Ant McPartlin shouted: “Oh my God, what? What?!”

Simon reacted to the audition: “It is impossible to explain what just happened. I thought it was incredible”.

Amanda added: “This is just utterly charming, I thought it was brilliant.”

Alesha added: “The atmosphere you created was absolutely fantastic and I absolutely love your laugh as well. ”

Bruno said: “I was watching it and I could not work how you did it. I’ve never seen such a charming guy doing magic.”

Kimoon Do Nationality

He is of South Korean nationality.

Kimoon Do Instagram

Kimoon Do’s Instagram handle is @majestic_1991.