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Tenshin Nasukawa Biography – Tenshin Nasukawa Wiki

Tenshin Nasukawa is a Japanese kickboxer. He was born on 18 August 1998 in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

His father enrolled him in a karate class at the age of five to instil discipline into him. He then took up kickboxing while still in elementary school and was a veteran of more than 100 bouts by the time he turned professional at the age of 18, amassing a formidable amateur record of 99-5.

In addition to his karate skills, Nasukawa also possesses a deep understanding of Muay Thai as a result of training and fighting in Thailand from a young age. His mastery and blend of the disciplines has forged him into a very complete and dangerous fighter, capable of defending himself against most forms of attack and countering with devastating power and precision.

Spectacular knockout victories over former IBF world boxing champion Amnat Ruenroeng and Lumpinee Stadium Muay Thai champion Wanchalong while still a teenager brought him to the attention of the wider fighting public, and he has since become the face of the ‘Rizin Fighting Federation’ thanks to his skill, charisma in the ring and aggressive style.

Tenshin Nasukawa Age

He was born on 18 August 1998 in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. He is 20 years old.

Tenshin Nasukawa Height

He stands at 5ft 4in (1.65 m).

Tenshin Nasukawa Weight

He weighs 56.7 kg (125 lbs).

Tenshin Nasukawa Siblings

He has a named Riri Nasukawa.

Tenshin Nasukawa Record

His pro kickboxing record currently stands at 27-0, with 23 knockouts. He is 4-0 in MMA.

Tenshin Nasukawa Nationality

He is a Japanese.

Tenshin Nasukawa Net Worth

This information about his estimated net worth is being updated.

Tenshin Nasukawa Highlights

Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa

Floyd Mayweather has shocked the fighting world by announcing that his next opponent will be Japanese kickboxing sensation Tenshin Nasukawa at Rizin 14 in Saitama on New Year’s Eve 2018.

The matchup was announced during a press conference on 4 November 2018. The match has been dubbed a ‘Super Challenge’ bout and the rules of the bout were not initially clear, however. Both Mayweather and Nasukawa appeared at the press conference, and Rizin chairman Nobuyuki Sakakibara announced that the rule set and weight have yet to be determined.

“First we had to convince Mr. Mayweather to come to the ring on the Rizin ring on Dec. 31. As you know Mr. Mayweather is undefeated. But all his fights have been in the U.S. He has had a wish to fight outside the U.S….” Sakakibara said. “We’re happy we’ve convinced him to come to Japan for this history making event. In the second phase once we knew Mr. Mayweather would be in the Rizin ring on New Year’s Eve, we thought of the appropriate opponent and there was only one: Tenshin [Nasukawa].

“Regarding rules and weight we have more work cut out for us, but we feel this will be a great fight so many people will be excited to see. We’re so happy Mr. Nasukawa accepted in a flash.”

Mayweather’s last fight was against UFC superstar Conor McGregor, earning him over $US100 million.


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