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Vicki Momberg Biography – Vicki Momberg Wiki

Vicki Momberg is a South African former real estate agent who was sentenced to three years in prison, with one year suspended, for the racist abuse of a black South African police officer.

In a 2016 video, a police officer tried to help Momberg after her vehicle was broken into at a shopping center. In the video, Momberg shouted at the black police officer that she wanted only a white officer. She used a racist term commonly used in apartheid Africa (The ‘k-word’).

In November of 2017, Momberg was found guilty on four counts of crimen injuria, a South African common law defined as the act of unlawfully, intentionally and seriously impairing the dignity of another following her racists rant captured on video. She also swore at a 10111 operator during a call when she was trying to get assistance.

Momberg is currently out on R2‚000 bail‚ pending the outcome of her appeal. She was released in August after serving four months of a two-year sentence. At her bail application‚ the state told the court it would be pointless to oppose Momberg’s application as she would soon be liable to apply for parole. On 5 November 2018‚ her case was postponed to February 20, 2019, pending the outcome of the appeal of her prison sentence and conviction in the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg.

According to her Linkedin page, she is the owner of ‘Homes & Properties’ in Durban Area and works for OCC Property Development.

Vicki Momberg Age

She is in her 40s.

Vicki Momberg Family

Momberg’s mother is Davila Momberg. She said that she and the family were not only unaware of the incident but also shocked.

Vicki Momberg Husband

Information about her husband is being updated.



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