Steve Wilder Striegel Biography, Wiki, Age, Net worth, The Predator Scene, Religion, Nationality, Height and Weight

Steve Wilder Striegel Biography

Steve Wilder Striegel is an American actor and a registered sex offender. He is also a commercially rated pilot of planes and helicopters and a skipper of sailboats.

Steve Wilder plead guilty in 2010 for attempting to lure a 14-year-old female into a sexual relationship through the internet. He served six months in jail.

Striegel has appeared in films such as Melrose Place, Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys. He appeared in a single scene in the film “The Predator”, which was cut after the Fox learned of his background. Fox said it didn’t know of the actor’s history because of legal limitations on running background checks on actors.

Steve Wilder Striegel Age

He was born on born October 23, 1970 in Cooperstown, New York, United States.

Steven Wilder Striegel Wife

He is unmarried.

Steven Wilder Striegel Nationality

He is an American born in Cooperstown, New York, United States.

Steven Wilder Striegel Ethinicity

He is white Caucasian.

Steven Wilder Striegel Religion

He is a christian.

Steve Wilder Striegel Height

He stands at 6 ft 0 in.

Steve Wilder Striegel Weight

He weighs 180 lbs.

Steven Wilder Striegel Net worth

He has an estimated net worth of $200, 000.

Steve Wilder Striegel Scene cut from The Predator

A Fox spokesperson on September 6, 2018 said, “Our studio was not aware of Mr. Striegel’s background when he was hired

“Several weeks ago, when the studio learned the details, his one scene in the film was removed within 24 hours.”

A friend of Striegel, Shane Black, who is a director of the fourth installment in the sci-fi action franchise and who has frequently cast him in his films said in a statement, “Having read this morning’s news reports, it has sadly become clear to me that I was misled by a friend I really wanted to believe was telling me the truth when he described the circumstances of his conviction. I believe strongly in giving people second chances – but sometimes you discover that chance is not as warranted as you may have hoped.

“After learning more about the affidavit, transcripts and additional details surrounding Steve Striegel’s sentence, I am deeply disappointed in myself. I apologize to all of those, past and present, I’ve let down by having Steve around them without giving them a voice in the decision.”

Olivia Munn learned in August 2018 that Wilder is a registered sex offender and alerted studio execs. When the studio learned the details, his one scene in the film was removed.

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