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Sloan is a best-selling author, TV personality, and second-generation medium and spirituality coach from Miami, Florida, and a contestant on the USA version of Farmer Wants A Wife (2023), hosted by country music star and Grammy winner Jennifer Nettles.

“I am an advocate for you and your unique senses waiting to be discovered. Mediumship practices have influenced my life achievements while studying with some of the most well known mediums in the world, including spending time at famed, Arthur Findlay College. I have accredited over 500 hrs + in trauma informed, somatic yoga trainings and breath-work techniques Have become initiated as a Holy Fire@ Reiki Karuna Master and devoted 10+ years workings with clients healing from loss, developing spiritual knowings, and offering medium session,” according to her bio on her official website.

“My mission is to lead women into their ultimate authentic powers to access freedom and have the ability to speak with conviction through their channels, downloads, and spiritual powers I live in a world where spiritual women step out of poverty mindset and fear of their untapped abilities to embrace their birthright in magnetizing abundance, flow, and confidence. “

Sloan Farmer Wants A Wife

Sloan is a contestant on the USA version of Farmer Wants A Wife (2023). In the U.S. iteration of the hit international dating series, women leave their “big city” lives to match with four farmers from across the country and experience life on their farms in hopes of finding their future spouses.

The four farmers in the debut season are Hunter Grayson (“The Wild Stallion”), Ryan Black (“The Cultured Cowboy”), Landon Heaton (“The Lone Ranger”), and Allen Foster (“The True Grit”). Each farmer will bring eight women to their homesteads in the hopes of finding a partner.

Sloan Age

Sloan is 34 years old as of 2023.

Sloan Instagram

Sloan’s Instagram handle is @mediumsloan.