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Landon Heaton is a cattle rancher from Stillwater, Oklahoma and a contestant on Farmer Wants a Wife on FOX. He said he’s had to adjust to life with TV cameras following him.

“It’s so crazy. There’s so many different people from all walks of life sitting at my little farmhouse ranch operation in the middle of nowhere and I don’t know, it’s nice being able to show other people that kind of my life,” said Heaton.

Landon Heaton Age

Landon Heaton is 35 years old.

Landon Heaton Farmer Wants a Wife

Stillwater, Oklahoma’s Landon Heaton is a contestant on Farmer Wants a Wife 2023. The elder statesman (at 35!) has a farm so remote, days pass without human contact. Still, the dog lover wants to fill his Oklahoma log cabin with littles. “He says, ‘When people ask when I want kids, I say five years ago,’” showrunner Lauren Taylor Harding notes.

Heaton is a little anxious to see himself on reality television.

“I’m nervous for my reaction, we haven’t got to see the show yet,” he said. “We’re getting it the same time everyone else is. We signed up for it so hopefully, they’re going to make us look as good as we can.”

He still said it was a fun adventure.

When asked if he found a wife, all he said was, “I was very pleased with how this whole situation ended,” with a smile on his face.

The eight women vying for farmer Landon Heaton’s love are Ashley L., Ashley R., Erica, Heather, Jessica, Kylie, Nicole and Zoe.

Landon Heaton Instagram

Landon Heaton’s Instagram handle is @h_bar_ranch.