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Ruby Gherbaz Biography – Ruby Gherbaz Wiki

Ruby Gherbaz is an Australian professional dancer. She has already enjoyed an illustrious dancing career including performing in Channel 7’s Dancing With The Stars Australia. She also performs with Burn the Floor. Ruby has won multiple State and National titles, including twice the undefeated Australian Youth Latin Champion.

While her dancing has taken her to international stages, Ruby Gherbaz began her dancing career at the age of 8 after her parents started dancing socially and her brother, Jessie, joined in and needed a partner.

Although her brother didn’t continue with the sport, Ruby did, and by Year 8, Ruby and her dance partner were Junior Winners of the Dance Masters Margaret CheneySmith Memorial Cup and on their way to ballroom fame in Australia.

She graduated from Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC). The training and travel commitments were considerable and fitting it all around school was a challenge for both Ruby and her parents.

“Although PLC was a prestigious school and it was highly academic, my parents never pushed me in that direction because they knew what my passion was. They wanted me to succeed academically and not just drop out because of the career path that I wanted to choose, but they understood where I wanted to put my effort and the commitments towards dancing that I had. They helped me to find that balance and I’m really grateful to them for that,” Ruby said.

“I also had a special relationship with my PLC Dance Teacher, Emily Rooke. She understood the way that I worked. I didn’t enjoy sitting down writing essays. She got that, and she worked with me, my strengths and helped me with my weaknesses at the same time.”

In her final year at PLC, Ruby and her dance partner were crowned the Australian Youth Latin Champions which they then won for two years’ running.

“I was pretty naughty at school, and I got a few detentions from Mrs D’Sylva. I didn’t think she liked me back then, but I’ve seen her copious amounts of times after school and now she loves me,” she said.

In August 2014, Ruby Gherbaz and her ballroom dancing partner, David, came third overall in the World Dance Sport Federation’s Asian Pacific Competition held in Malaysia. Ruby and David, then aged 17, would normally compete in the Youth Section but this time were in the Open Competition dancing against significantly more experienced dancers.

Ruby is currently performing in Burn the Floor. She sees her experience with Burn The Floor as a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to share her absolute passion for dance with people from all parts of the world.

Ruby Gherbaz Age

Dancing With The Stars pro dancer Ruby Gherbaz is 24 years old as of 2023.

Ruby Gherbaz Dancing with the Stars

Professional dancer Ruby Gherbaz joined Dancing With The Stars Australia in 2021. She was paired with former Bachelor Matty J in 2021, TV Weatherman Sam Mac in 2022 and Better Homes and Gardens landscaper Charlie Albone in 2023.

“I start with a beginner and have to teach them Ballroom basics and get them to a standard where they can perform a new dance each week that I’ve choreographed,” Ruby said. “Expectations are high, and time is short.”

Ruby Gherbaz Instagram

Ruby Gherbaz’s Instagram is @rubygherbaz.