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Attorney Robert B. Sykes Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Salary, Net Worth, Gwyneth Paltrow Trial

Robert Sykes Biography – Robert Sykes Wiki

Robert B. Sykes is a personal injury attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is the owner of Sykes McAllister Law Offices in Salt Lake City, Utah. The firm practices primarily personal injury law with an emphasis on traumatic brain injury cases, tire defects causing serious injury, product defects causing injury, medical malpractice causing significant injuries, serious spinal cord injuries, police misconduct and civil rights violations.

He served as the President of Robert B. Sykes & Associates, P.C. from October 1998 to July 2014.

Sykes was formerly on the Board of Governors of the Utah Association for Justice (1999-2014) and the Board of Trustees of the Brain Injury Association of Utah (1995-2012). He has frequently been invited to lecture other lawyers at legal seminars in Utah and around the country on a variety of topics including brain injury, evidence and trial practice.

During his 40 years of practice, Sykes has been involved in several landmark cases including the Houghton v. State of Utah class action, a case that took over 16 years to resolve. He was nominated the Utah State Bar’s attorney of the year for his work on that case.

In 2010, Sykes was honored with the Bulldog Award by the Utah Association for Justice. In 2011, he received the Utah Bar’s Distinguished Lawyer of the Year Award, according to his Linkedin profile.

Robert Sykes Wife

Salt Lake City attorney Robert B. Sykes is married to Rebecca McKay. They have three daughters and one son.

Gwyneth Paltrow Robert Sykes

Personal injury attorney Robert Sykes is representing retired optometrist Terry Sanderson in a civil trial involving actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who is accused of violently crashing into him while skiing in Park City, Utah, in 2016.