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Kiosha Moore, Reggie Bullock’s sister died on Monday, October 27, 2019, after being shot dead in Baltimore, Maryland. She was 22 years old.

Bullock joined the New York Knicks in the summer of 2019. He is yet to make his Knicks’ debut as he recovers from back surgery he had in July. He originally signed on a two-year, $21 million deal, but that contract was re-written as 2 years, $4.7 million after a physical uncovered the back issue. He is on his fifth team after being drafted 25th overall in 2013 out of UNC.

Kiosha Moore Age

She was 22 years old.

Kiosha Moore Death

Reggie Bullock’s sister died on Monday, October 27, 2019, after being shot dead in Baltimore, Maryland. The New York Knicks issued a statement announcing the deaths of Dennis Smith Jr.’s stepmother and Reggie Bullock’s sister.

“Our Knicks family is deeply saddened by the sudden passing of two of our players’ close family members,” Knicks president Steve Mills said in a statement. “At times like this, we are reminded that life is bigger than basketball. Our thoughts are with them and their families.”

Bullock previously lost his transgender sister, Mia Henderson, who was stabbed to death in Baltimore in 2014. In an August 2016 interview, Bullock said of his sister, “She lived as herself, she taught me how to be (myself). She taught me how to take care of the family… She was happy with being who she was. She wasn’t worried about how others felt about her. A person that can isolate the whole world out and not care about other people’s feelings is a strong person, to me. That was one of the biggest things that I got from her.”

Bullock has since become an outspoken advocate for the LGBQT community. In 2018, Bullock took his son to participate in the New York City Pride parade.

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