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Philip Bowen Biography – Philip Bowen Wiki

Philip Bowen is a violinist, fiddler, singer-songwriter and America’s Got Talent (AGT) contestant from West Virginian. He began violin lessons at age 4.

After getting a masters of business administration in marketing from The University of Tampa, he entered the world of marketing where he is still a project manager.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bowen was encouraged by a friend to create a TikTok account to showcase his fiddle covers and original songs. He became a TikTok sensation and won TikTok’s Gamers Greatest Talent competition in June 2021.

With his infectious positivity and musical talent, Bowen caught the attention of artists like Brandon Davis, Noah Kahan, Spinmont, Styles Haury, Jenna Paulette, Josiah & the Bonnevilles, and many others, earning him over 100 credits as a session fiddle player.

He’s performed at iconic venues like The Bluebird Cafe and 3rd & Lindsley, and even graced the stage of NPR’s Mountain Stage. In May of 2023 he was the featured guest on NPR’s Us & Them by West Virginia Public Broadcasting where they discussed how Bowen learned classical violin as well as how to improvise on the fiddle, combining musical styles and genres.

Bowen wanted to audition for “AGT” in 2022, but had to change plans when he got invited to perform at the famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, which is known as a place where future stars get discovered. His career kept getting more traction, when in January 2023, he was invited to perform on “Mountain Stage” and then, in March, he went to Pasadena, Calif. to audition for the judges of “America’s Got Talent.”

Bowen’s music spreads a message of positivity, earning him accolades from Yahoo, PopMatters, and Atwood Magazine. The Nashville Songwriters Association International dubbed him “one to watch,” and they were right.

His debut album, Old Kanawha, featuring collaborations with Charles Wesley Godwin and Josiah and the Bonnevilles, is set to drop on August 18th, 2023. Old Kanawha is a musical journey that takes you from the peaks of happiness to the depths of despair, all while celebrating the beauty and resilience of Appalachia and West Virginia.

Philip Bowen Age

Philip Bowen was aged 38 at the time of his America’s Got Talent audition. He was born and raised in Montgomery, West Virginia.

Philip Bowen Wife

Is Philip Bowen married? He is married to his wife Jaimie. They have three children. “I’m married and have three young kids” Bowen told the Charleston Gazette-Mail in January 2023.

On Mother’s Day 2023, Philip Bowen paid tribute to his wife on Instagram. He wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day to my wife Jaimie – she does so much for our family and is the most supportive partner I could have ever dreamed of having.

“She does so much with selflessness and is the ultimate encourager and multi-tasker. She is super mom to our three kids. She’s a runner, a thinker, an amazing chef, a great painter, she cares deeply about others, she loves to read, loves Mexican food, loves being outside, and of course has a guilty pleasure of reality TV and celeb gossip.

“Our lives have changed a lot with this whole music thing taking off and I’m blessed beyond measure to have her on this journey. The kids and I would truly be lost without her.”

Philip Bowen America’s Got Talent

Violinist Philip Bowen is a contestant on season 18 of the hit NBC show “America’s Got Talent”. When he first took the stage for his audition, Bowen revealed that he got inspired to play the instrument at the age of 4 when he saw his now “hero” Itzhak Perlman (who happens to be Judge Howie Mandel’s cousin) perform on Sesame Street. Bowen then asked his mother for violin lessons, and the rest is history.

Speaking of Bowen’s mother, he revealed that she is a huge fan of Judge Simon Cowell. “In fact, when I would play sometimes at home and things, she’d be like: ‘You know who would love that? Simon,'” he said after his mother stood up in the audience, supporting her son.

When it was time for Bowen’s performance, he plated some impressive notes in rapid succession before a heavy drum beat dropped. Then, audiences could hear that he was putting his own unique twist to the metal song “Chop Suey” by System of a Down. The audience clapped along to the fast rhythm while Bowen totally immersed himself in the music, somehow not missing a single note. He played the melody to the vocals before slowing down during the bridge, showing off his versatility, then promptly picked the intensity back up again.

Naturally, the crowd went wild while all four Judges gave Bowen a standing ovation, which made him tear up. And much to Bowen’s mother’s expectations, Cowell was blown away.

“When I was a little kid I would be practicing my violin in my room, and I would look at myself in the mirror, and I’d say ‘The crowd goes wild, ahhh!'” Bowen said. “And to have the crowd actually go wild…”

“I mean, I just wasn’t expecting that. You are so talented. You have so much charisma. I mean, you could feel the energy in here. They love you. You will make your mom and dad so proud after that performance. That was a great audition,” Cowell told Bowen.

“I mean, I was like crying a little bit,” Judge Sofia Vergara added. “Cause I see how important this is for you. And that’s why it is so special, this show, because it makes people like you have this moment, it might even change your life because this is the place you’re supposed to be,” she said before Bowen received a resounding “yes” from all four Judges.

Philip Bowen Net Worth

Montgomery, W.Va., native Philip Bowen won the $25,000 prize in TikTok’s Gamers Greatest Talent competition, which was sponsored by Luminosity Gaming out of Canada. He is competing for the $1 million prize on America’s Got Talent 2023.

Philip Bowen Blind

West Virginia native Philip Bowen isn’t blind. He has perfect eyesight/vision.

Philip Bowen Instagram

Philip Bowen’s Instagram handle is @philipbowenmusic.