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Pegleg Bennett, born Rick Bennett, is an amputee surfer and contestant on Survivor UK 2023. He is the owner of Peg’s Surfing Coaching, a surf school in St Agnes.

Pegleg learnt to surf at the age of 17. He’s competed at an international level, representing Team GB in ISA contests, as well as coaching and mentoring young surfers.

Born with no ankle in his left leg, Peg’s parents opted to have his foot amputated, a decision he describes as the best they could have made. This has never stopped Peg from doing what he loves, including driving his epic van across Europe and Africa to surf monster waves in places like Nazaré, as well as running marathons and cycling from John O’Groats to Land’s End for charity.

Back in 2016 he had his name legally changed from Rick to his nickname, Pegleg, to stop any weirdness around his disability. He made the decision after he was out for a run one day and a friend shouted to him “Morning Pegleg, woz on!”. A tourist then confronted his friend and wouldn’t accept the explanation that’s how he chooses to refer to himself.

Pegleg Bennett Age

Surfer Pegleg Bennett is 54 years old as of 2023.

Pegleg Bennett Survivor UK

Surfing coach Pegleg Bennett, 54, is one of the 18 contestants taking part in Survivor UK 2023 on BBC, hosted by Joel Dommett. To take part in Survivor, the St Agnes resident “built a couple of challenges in the garden and doubled my normal training schedule.” He added: “Mentally I knew I had what it takes as a lifetime of overcoming preconceived ideas of disability has prepared me well.”

Describing how competitive he is, he said: “Totally when I commit to something. Going into the show I was World Champion in my surf division and I gave up the opportunity of retaining the title to be on Survivor as I had to miss three competitions whilst we were filming.”

The show taught Pegleg that “I can bite my lip and not tell people just how stupid they are, that I could go more extreme living and surviving than this and that I can still give the youngsters a run for their money.”

Pegleg Bennett Instagram

Pegleg Bennett’s Instagram username is @instapegleg.