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Nicki Chapman Biography – Nicki Chapman Wiki

Nicki Chapman is an English television presenter and radio broadcaster. She currently hosts Wanted Down Under Revisited and the nation’s favourite Escape To The Country, plus its spin-off, I Escape To The Country for BBC1. She has been a mainstay of the BBC presenting team at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show since 2006, broadcasting live as well as being a contributor on Morning Live on BBC1.

Nicki is a regular presenter for Radio 2, often sitting in for Zoe Ball on the Breakfast Show and Vanessa Feltz on Early Breakfast. She has also been hosting Radio 2’s The Saturday Show with Nicki Chapman from the beginning of 2021 plus three documentaries:The Fuller Picture (an in-depth interview with Simon Fuller), Here We Come – The Monkees at 50 and Let’s Abba Party.

Nicki recently produced and presented The Shocking Truth about Talent Shows as well as The Great Garden Challenge for Channel 5. She has presented three documentary programmes for BBC Television – Operation People Power, Britain’s Home Truths and Holding Back The Years which transmitted on BBC1.

In addition to her television and radio duties, Nicki is a much sought after event host and speaker, annually presenting The First Time Buyer Awards and also hosting the European Diversity Awards. She is a qualified coach offering empowerment and advisory skills to celebrities, individuals and corporate businesses alike.

Nicki started her career in the music industry. After growing up in Kent plus a stint travelling around Australia, she joined MCA Records as a Promotions Assistant at the age of 20 . She quickly progressed, becoming one of the youngest and most successful publicists within the industry. Three years later she moved to RCA Records as Head of TV Promotions where she formed a long-time association with Simon Cowell.

From 1995 until the end of 2000 she was a joint partner in the Brilliant! PR Company which launched and/or represented artists including The Spice Girls, Annie Lennox, Charlotte Church, Take That, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Billie Piper, David Bowie, Van Morrison, S Club 7 and Amy Winehouse, as well as providing the PR for the BRIT Awards, various West End Shows and Channel 4’s hit series The Big Breakfast.

It was during this time Nicki was approached by ITV to appear as a judge on a brand new entertainment show called Popstars which proved an instant hit, with winning group Hear’say going on to sell over a million copies of their first single.

Having met with Simon Fuller in the nineties, Nicki joined his management company 19 Entertainment in January 2001 as Creative Director, working with artists and personalities such as Annie Lennox, David and Victoria Beckham, Will Young, The Spice Girls, Carrie Underwood and S Club 7.

Nicki also continued her own TV career on the new ITV/ 19 Entertainment show Pop Idol alongside fellow judges Pete Waterman and Neil Fox, reuniting with Simon Cowell for a show that regularly had over 10 million viewers per episode and changed the face of Saturday night entertainment.

Since then Nicki has presented numerous factual/entertainment and travel programmes, establishing herself as one of the UK’s most popular and versatile presenters, comfortable broadcasting both live or on location.

Highlights of Nicki’s career range from being chosen to take part in BBC1’s Sport Relief showjumping programming Only Fools On Horses (eventually coming second), partnering with Christopher Biggins on Let’s Dance For Comic relief and reuniting with her ex-Pop Idol judges Pete Waterman and Neil Fox to show her side on Peter Kay’s Britain’s Got The Pop Factor…And Possibly A New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly On Ice!!!

Nicki is a proud Ambassador for British Dressage and a keen and active supporter of Teenage Cancer Trust, Childline and Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy. After successful brain surgery in 2019, Nicki is now a passionate Ambassador for The Brain Tumour Charity. Nicki is also a regular volunteer at Mary Portas Living & Giving Charity Shop.

Nicki Chapman Age

Nicki Chapman was born on 14 January 1967 in Herne Bay, Kent, England.

Nicki Chapman Parents

Nicki is the daughter of Carol and Barry. Her parents are divorced and both happily remarried. Her mom was a housewife and her dad worked for Rank Xerox. She told The Daily Telegraph: “My mother stayed at home to bring us up and my father worked for Rank Xerox.”

On October 17, 2021, Nicki paid tribute to her mother on her 80th birthday, writing on Instagram, “Happy 80th Birthday to my wonderful Mum who’s always been there for us all. Isn’t she a peach. Fave photo has to be her walking down the High Road clutching her balloons – not quite Abbey Road but close. As they say, 80 is the new 60 and that’s certainly the case for Carol, or Tat as her friends call her. Love you Mumsy.”

Following her brain tumour diagnosis in 2019, Nicki called her parents. She told Daily Mail: “I could hear Dad catch his breath when I told him. Mum processed the news in a very logical way. No histrionics, no tears. I knew they’d be supportive and I was amazed at how calm they were.”

Nicki Chapman Husband

Is Nicki Chapman married? She is married to her husband Dave Shackleton, affectionately known as ‘Shacky’. Dave is a music producer and Vice President of Sony BMG International.

How long has Nicki Chapman been married? She has been married since July 1999. On their 22nd wedding anniversary on July 9, 2021, the former Pop Idol judge wrote on Instagram: “Here we go! 22 years married today. Happy wedding anniversary to my gorgeous @shacky01. We married two days after his birthday so neither of us can ever forget the date!! Sizzling hot day at Syon House. Best day of my life. Feels just like yesterday.

“[Picture] taken on Wednesday night. His birthday celebration & an England win. Peeps normally post romantic pics from exotic locations. We’ve gone for our back garden in West London.”

Nicki Chapman Children

Nicki Chapman has no children. In an interview with Jeremy Vine On 5 in April 2018, the TV presenter opened up about her and her husband’s decision to not have a family – insisting that she would have had children if that was what he really wanted.

“I always knew I wasn’t going to have children. Nothing to do with career, everyone always says: “Well, it’s the career” – it’s nothing to do with the career, just there was nothing in me that said: “I wanted to have a child” and all my friends seemed to know and i didn’t and I had the chat with him. And I don’t want to talk on behalf of my husbnad because it’s such a personal thing and I respect his wishes but we came to the decision because I said:

“I’m 32, if we’re going to have a family we need to start thinking about it now.” And then we sort of talked it through together and we made the decision. Probably in an ideal world he’d still like the idea of having a baby. I mean obviously, I wouldn’t but – And if he’d said to me: “I really want a family”…I would have had a family. If it was the most important thing to him, I would have done it for him becase I know he would have supported me and one of my big fears was as a woman would I be left bringing up the child on my own? And it isn’t just women bringing up children on their own, a lot of men have to bring up children on their own and let’s keep it balanced but I would want that support, I would want him to be with me 50 percent.We made the choice – I don’t regret it and I don’t think he regrets it either.”

Nicki Chapman Brain Tumour – Nicki Chapman Illness

TV presenter and radio broadcaster Nicki Chapman was diagnosed with a non-malignant brain tumour in May 2019. In recovery from a knee operation, Nicki experienced a loss of vision and slurred speech. She told The Brain Tumour Charity: “My symptoms were very sudden, over 24 hours. Initially doctors thought I’d had a stroke but scans revealed a golf-ball sized meningioma.”

Surgery was scheduled for later that month. She underwent surgery to remove part of it since it was too dangerous to take it all out. The Escape to the Country star was warned that the life-saving surgery posed the risk of permanent loss of speech, sight or movement. Nicki’s surgery was successful and she had been receiving yearly scans ever since.

In March 2022, Nicki Chapman revealed her brain tumour mysteriously vanished three years after her diagnosis. She said on the White Wine Question Time podcast: “Back in October I was having my yearly scan with my fantastic consultant, who he knows that I adore him. I tell him regularly in front of my husband how much I adore him and the NHS that looked after me and continue to look after me so well.

“And he rang me, and I was standing in a field, because now we do phone appointments – we don’t do it face to face. So he rang me with my latest scans, and I was standing in a field and the Escape to the Country crew were moved away.

The Wanted Down Under star continued: “I knew I was getting the call, so they moved away, and they gave me some privacy. And I’m looking at all these pigs.

“The amazing consultant rang me and said “the tumour, Nicki, has gone. For the moment it’s disappeared”.

“I was sobbing. And he was like “Nicki, Nicki”. I’m like “No, no, no”. I said “do we know why?” He said “no, these things happen”.

“I get a bit teary just thinking about it. And they don’t know why. And obviously I’ve still got to be monitored because these things have habits of changing.

“So we take the good when we can. Always look for the win in every situation. So Bert for the moment has gone and in the nicest of ways I hope the b****”d never comes back.”

Nicki Chapman Family

The Escape to the Country star Nicki Chapman was born to parents, Carol and Barry. She has a sister named Shelley.

Nicki Chapman Net Worth

What is Nicki Chapman’s net worth? She has an estimated net worth of €3 million.

Nicki Chapman Height

Nicki Chapman stands at a height of 5 ft 8 in (173 cm).

Nicki Chapman Instagram

Nicki Chapman’s Instagram handle is @nickichappers.