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Mark Fenn is a glassblower, conservationist, and beekeeper who infuses the honey from his native Welsh Blackbees into his glass. He appears on the first series of BBC 1 Make it at Market on the 12th episode.

The beekeeper became interested in glass and the history of glass in 1972. He started glassblowing on his arts degree foundation course in 1977. He graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in 3D Design Glass with Ceramics from Stourbridge College of Technology and Art in 1982, where in his final year he combined centrifuged and pressed glass.

According to his website, he attended The Glass Centre in Brierley Hill, in 1982/83 before working at WSCAD in 1983/84. He left his chosen career path due to the onset of illness and had a break from glassblowing for 36 years during which he worked in the voluntary sector, and moved to Liverpool in 1994.

Mark resides in North Wales and takes the inspiration for his glass art from the surrounding countryside where he lives and keeps his bees and Liverpool Bay.

He is a glassblower, beekeeper, and conservationist. He combines his passions by infusing the honey gathered from his native Welsh Black bees into his glass.

Mark started glassblowing again in 2019 and in 2020 set up his Studio, Liverpool Bay Hotshop, during Lockdown, in the Northern Lights, in the heart of Liverpool’s cultural quarter, the Baltic Triangle. In addition to creating his Honey Infused glass art, he runs glassblowing courses and studio hire.

He is creating an active community of glassblowers at his studio and allowing others to experience working with this most amazing medium and develop their skills.

Mark likes to experiment with different infusions into the glass and uses a variety of table sauces in his infusions. He is concerned about mankind’s impact on the natural environment, climate change, and the plastic in our oceans. This has inspired his latest body of work on the sea and skyscapes.

Mark Fenn Age

He is originally from Wales. He moved to Liverpool in 1994.

Mark Fenn Make it at Market

Mark Fenn is a budding entrepreneur on series one of BBC 1 Make it at Market. The show is hosted by The Repair Shop’s Dominic Chinea.

He wrote on an Instagram post: “BBC1 Make it at Market Series 1 Episode 12 Tuesday 15th August 3.45 pm. Me and Allister Malcolm our Glassblowing Mentor in the grounds of Stoneywell in-between filming.”

Mark Fenn Instagram

Mark Fenn’s Instagram handle is @liverpoolbayhotshop.