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Michael Newman Biography – Michael Newman Wiki

Michael Newman (born Michael Anthony Newman) is a contestant on FOX’s “MasterChef: Legends,” and a Lifestyle coach from Asbury Park, New Jersey. Michael and his wife Basia Newman are the Founders of JerseyStyle. JerseyStyle was founded in 2015. When the company was originally formed, the main objective “was to provide fitness and nutritional needs. Realizing that the market was saturated with these types of services, JerseyStyle decided to expand their mission, which is to create the highest level of intimate connection between yourself and or your partner.”

The Asbury Park resident is a Vegan. On World Vegan Day 2020, Newman wrote in an Instagram post: “Veganism isn’t about being the “PERFECT” vegan. It’s ok if you make mistakes or even fall off while trying a vegan lifestyle. Since most non-vegan foods are loaded with addictive additives that you can’t resist, we guarantee that you will fail at some point in time, just as the animal industry wants. When this happens, you just got to get back to the basics by not utilizing and especially eating animal products! We need to all realize our WHY for which we choose to be vegan and how it makes us feel internally and externally. If your a non-vegan and you just try replacing 1 carnivorous meal with 1 plant based meal a day, you are at least attempting to help make a difference.”

Michael Newman MasterChef: Legends

Michael Newman is competing on FOX’s “MasterChef: Legends.” He is currently in the Top 10 on “MasterChef: Legends.” The show features three judges, Gordon Ramsay and Aarón Sánchez, both acclaimed chefs, and restaurateur Joe Bastianich. The legends in this season’s title comes from the invitation of culinary icons Emeril Lagasse, Paula Deen, Roy Choi, Nancy Silverton, and Morimoto to join in the judging process.

“I’ve always cooked,” he told Daily Record. “Growing up, it’s just something naturally that came to me. My talent really is going into the fridge and just finding random things and putting them together.”

When his wife Basia was watching “MasterChef” and saw a call for auditions, she asked a half-asleep Michael to name some of his dishes and sent in an application. “She basically submitted my name and everything without me even knowing,” he said.

Michael Newman Age

He is 48 years old. He is from Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Michael Newman Wife

Is Michael Newman married? He is married to his wife Basia Newman. Michael and Basia are involved in the running Jersey Style. The business started out offering fitness advice, but grew to include relationship and lifestyle coaching as they earned certificates in matchmaking, relationship coaching and more. The couple bill themselves as “Lifestyle Relationship Sexperts.”

MasterChef Michael Newman Instagram

Michael Newman’s Instagram handle is @jerseystyle.

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