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Lijana Wallenda Biography – Lijana Wallenda Wiki & Wikipedia

Lijana Wallenda is Nik Wallenda’s sister and a high-wire walker from the famous Wallenda family, the Flying Wallendas.

On Sunday, June 23, 2019, Lijana Wallenda and Nik Wallenda successfully crossed a 1,300-foot-long wire, strung between two skyscrapers in Times Square — both wearing safety harnesses as required by New York City. Nik and Lijana started on opposite ends of the wire, Lijana at Times Square 2 and Nik at Times Square 1. They met in the middle and continued to the opposite ends. To do this, Nik had to pause until Lijana could reach him. She then sat on the wire as Nik stepped over her.

Throughout the walk, the two communicated with the help of earpieces — discussing everything from the sound of traffic to the feel of the wire. Lijana even sang a Gospel tune. “Dream big people. Nothing’s impossible,” Nic said before reaching the end of the wire. Lijana finished approximately 10 minutes after him, bringing the entire walk to a total of 36 minutes.

This was Lijana’s first live high wire performance since her near-fatal accident in 2017 when a pyramid trick (which Nik was involved in) went wrong and she fell 40 feet.

In an interview with the New York Post, Nik reflected on his sister’s accident, saying “She has 73 screws in her face alone. She still has pain in her heel. This is something she almost feels that she has to do. I think people will be inspired just to see her get back on the wire. Just to move on with life.” He also shared their plan for the walk: “She’ll sit down on the wire. And I will step over her and we’ll change places. After I step over her, she’ll get back up and continue walking.” He also said that he will walk downhill while she walks uphill, since it is “more uncomfortable to walk downhill.”

Lijana Wallenda Accident – Lijana Wallenda Injuries

Lijana Wallenda was involved in a near-fatal accident in 2017. She and her family members were practicing the eight man pyramid for Circus Sarasota at their home base in Florida when it began to collapse. She fell 30 feet and “broke every bone in my face” and slipped into a coma. She ended up needing to have her jaw wired shut for over a month as a result.

Lijana Wallenda told Good Morning America ahead of the Times Square walk that “I broke a rib, punctured my right ear canal, broke clear through my left humerus, I broke my left calcaneus,” she said. “But the big one was every bone in my face.”

Lijana Wallenda Parents

Lijana Wallenda’s parents are Terry Troffer and Delilah Wallenda.

Lijana Wallenda Family

Lijana is a seventh-generation member of the famed Flying Wallendas circus family.

Lijana Wallenda Husband

Lijana Wallenda was married for many years to a fellow wire performer, Anthony Hernandez. Lijana and Anthony got married on December 6, 1998. Anthony has worked with other members of the Wallenda family. In the late 90s, he was asked to be a part of the family’s famous seven-man pyramid.

On August 12, 2013, Anthony was placed in custody and charged with misdemeanor battery domestic violence after he reportedly tackled and punched Lijana. “During the dispute, Anthony tried to get (redacted) phone from her in order to retrieve photographs that he did not like on the phone,” an officer told the Las Vegas Sun.

“When (redacted) would not give up the phone, Anthony tackled her to the ground and punched her on the right side of her head,” the office added. “(Redacted) attempted to get away and said she hit him with a knee to the inner thigh. Anthony eventually got a hold of the phone and smashed it.” Lijana and Anthony divorced following the incident, though the exact date of their divorce is unknown.

Anthony is best known for his work with Almas Meirmanov and Paul Matthew Lopez, otherwise known as the Esteemed Gentlemen of the High Wire. They did thousands of shows at the Caesars Palace, but Anthony was let go from the act following the misdemeanor charge. In 2018, he published the coffee table book Circus Legends: Who They Were, Who They Are.

Lijana Wallenda Age

Lijana Wallenda’s age is unclear.

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