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Kessie Nair Biography

Kessie Nair is a Durban businessman, founder and CEO of Navcare Lifestyle System, and the creator of the National Association towards Violence, Crime and Abuse (NAVCA).

Kessie Nair has been serving as CEO of Navcare Lifestyle System since October 2017, and South Africa Global Cryptocurrency Coin Group (GCC) Brand Ambassador since April 2018.

Kessie Nair Education

He attended Merebank Secondary School from 1971 to 1975.

Kessie Nair Family

He is a relative of the late struggle stalwart Billy Nair. His brother is named Khrishnan Nair.

Kessie Nair’s family has distanced itself from the remarks of thier son in which he called President Cyril Ramaphosa the k-word. The family in a statement said: “Kessie’s statements are irrational and deserve to be condemned… We urge the South African community to forgive him and we will do our best to make amends.”

Kessie Nair Illness

According to his brother Khrishnan Nair, Kessie suffers from a chronic illness. The brother said in a statement, “He suffers a serious chronic illness. The visuals he posted of himself shows he lacks the intelligence and understanding of what he is saying. His incarceration for a long time has also played a role in his personality.”

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