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Kat Ramnani Biography – Kat Ramnani Wiki

Kat Ramnani is the Globe Telecom manager for content and strategic partnerships, mobile data services division.

She left Manila for college when she was 18, and earned a BA degree in Marketing and Communications at Santa Clara University, a private Jesuit university in Silicon Valley, California.

Before her graduation, she applied for jobs in a few companies in the Silicon Valley and landed a job at Google, as an online community manager.

She was also part of the team for Orkut, the social networking website owned and operated by Google, named after Google employee Orkut.

Apart from Google, she has also worked for tech giants Apple and Facebook.

Kat Ramnani Age

She is in her 30s.

Kat Ramnani Husband

Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani married on 17 November in Bali, Indonesia in an intimate ceremony only attended by their close family and friends. The couple met in the US, and got engaged back in October 2017 after a year together.

Kat Ramnani Nationality

She is Filipino-Indian-Irish-American.

Kat Ramnani Weight Loss

In 2007, Kat weighed over 200 lbs. She was then able to transform her body from 200 to 130 lbs.

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I was reminded, over the weekend, that this photo (see time stamp) was taken exactly 10 years ago, on my college graduation day. A few things about that realization shocked me. 1. I can’t believe I graduated from college 10 years ago, that was a blink of an eye, and I’m getting old. 2. The journey it took to get where I am today, it was an every day fight during the weight-loss with my toughest opponents: my mind, my insecurities, and my desire to give in to temptation. 3. Never to be embarrassed at where you started from. Lots of people tell me they are ashamed of their photos prior to weight loss. I am thankful for the reminder; because, it always encourages me to remember moderation in my every day life, prioritize my health above all, continually look forward, and put my running shoes on to make sure this version of me stays a memory. #weightloss

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