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Jody Wayne Biography – Jody Wayne Wiki

Jody Wayne was a South African singer and producer. He was one of the biggest names between the 1960s and 1990s, rattling up 27 Gold and Platinum Discs as a singer and 23 as a Producer. He is known for his hit songs “Tell Laura I Love Her”, “Patches” and “The Wedding Song”.

Jody Wayne was born in Bangalore, India to Canadian parents and later moved to Zimbabwe (then known as Rhodesia) after spending some time in England. Jody moved to Durban, South Africa in 1965 where he formed the band “Little Jo & The Travelers”. After their break-up 18 months later Jody formed “Jody Wayne Scene” which later became “Guys & Dolls”.

In the 70’s Jody started producing and discovered artists like Barbara Ray, Gwynneth Ashley Robins, Neil Herbert and The Stockley Sisters.

In 1975 Jody played the lead role in “‘Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dream coat” and continued to tour South Africa in playing festivals and other shows. Jody is probably most famous for “The wedding Song”.

He dominated the charts in South Africa, worked with some of the biggest names across the world and became renowned for his exiting stage clothes such as his Cossack-Style Shirts.

His unique interpretation of classics such as Tell Laura I Love Her, Patches and The Wedding became huge hits before he turned his talents to production. The Wedding even became the biggest-selling record in South Africa at the time.

Jody also went on to work with Madonna and Lloyd-Webber on the Evita soundtrack in the 1990s. He recently released his new Gospel Album “My Gospel Favourites” and is available country wide.

Jody Wayne Age

The singer passed away on 14 March 2022. He was 77 years old.

Jody Wayne Wife

Was Jody Wayne married? It is unclear.

Jody Wayne Death

South African singer Jody Wayne passed away on 14 March 2022 at the age of 77, Mara van der Bergh Productions confirmed. Mara van der Bergh wrote on Facebook: “It is with deep sadness that we have to share with you the death of our beloved colleague and friend, Jody Wayne. He passed away Monday night. He was known as Li’l Jo along with the Country Legends and was a wonderful special person. He always entertained us in the bus with all sorts of stories of his life. The demise is deeply regretted by the Legends and this office. We also send our deepest sympathy to his Sister Jill and her family with his passing. Although they were far away, he loved her very much. We would also like to thank Ros and Tony for all their love and care over his last days. They looked at him excellent.”

Die Suid-Afrikaanse Legendes Museum wrote on Facebook: “It is very difficult for us to share with you that the legendary singer, Jody Wayne, has just passed away. Jody was 77 years old and acted professionally for over 60 years. His recent TV recording on our TV series, The House of Legends, which was recorded on 26th January 2022 will be aired later this year where he also sang Patches for us. This was his very last TV recording and we are grateful that he could do it even though he was sick. Rest in peace dear Jody. We will miss you dearly. Thank you for the music.”

Jody Wayne Cause of Death

A cause of death was not immediately revealed.

Jody Wayne Illness

Jody Wayne died following a short battle with an undisclosed illness. Die Suide-Afrikaans Legendes Museum said he “he was sick.” On 22 February, 2022, the Museum had reported that Jody had been admitted to hospital for tests.