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Irwin Jacobs Biography – Irwin Jacobs Wiki

Irwin Jacobs (Irwin L. Jacobs) was a prominent Minnesota businessman and investor.

He attended college at University of Minnesota. He earned the nickname “Irv the Liquidator” for his aggressive business practices in the 1970s and early 1980s. In 1973, Jacobs founded COMB (“Close-out Merchandise Buyers”), a catalog-based mail-order retailer. In 1986, COMB and several cable television operators created the Cable Value Network (CVN), a pioneering television shopping channel which was later purchased by Joseph Segel’s QVC.

At the time of Irwin Jacobs’s death, he owned many businesses including: Watkins Incorporated, Jacobs Management Corp., Jacobs Industries, Inc., J.Y.J. Corp., C.O.M.B. Co., Federal Financial Corporation, FFC Realty, Watkins, Inc., Northwestern Bag Corporation, Nationwide Collection Service, Inc., 1. Jacobs Enterprises, Kodicor, Inc., Brown-Minneapolis Tank and Fabricating Co., Regional Accounts Corporation, Nationwide Accounts, Corporation, Jacobs Bag Corporation, Lawndale Industries Inc., EQC of Indiana, Inc., Touch Corporation, JMSL Acquiring Corporation, S.J. Industries, Inc., JII Air Service, Inc., P.S.T. Acquiring Corporation, Jacobs Trading, and J&D Acquisitions LLC.

Irwin Jacobs Age

He was born on July 15, 1941. He was found dead in Orono, Minnesota, United States on April 10, 2019. He was 77 years old.

Irwin Jacobs Children

Irwin and his wife, Alexandra Jacobs, had five children together.

Irwin Jacobs Daughter

Jacobs’ daughter Sheila has cerebral palsy, and he was a major supporter of the Special Olympics, for which he once served as chairman after donating $8 million in 1991.

Irwin Jacobs Death

Irwin Jacobs and his artist wife, Alexandra Jacobs, were found died in their mansion on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, with a handgun, on a bed inside the home. Irwin killed his wife and then himself.

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Irwin Jacobs Home

Irwin Jacobs’ house is located at 1700 Shoreline Drive in Wayzata, around 15 miles west of Minneapolis. In 2014, Jacobs was selling his home on Shoreline Drive for $22 million. Jacobs said the family was looking to downsize and had already purchased another plot of land on the same road. Jacobs said, “People think I’m a jet-setter and I’m always going to parties. I just like to come home, cook dinner and eat on the terrace.”

Jacobs continued by saying, “There’s too much property, and the kids are concerned. I really thought I’d die here — but I didn’t want to burden my wife if something happened to me.” In November 2014, Finance & Commerce reported that the Jacobses had decided to keep the house after all.

Irwin Jacobs MN Net Worth

He had an estimated net worth of $1.3 billion.

Irwin Jacobs Ethnicity

He was the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants.

Irwin Jacobs MN Family

Jacobs was born to a Jewish family. He was the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants.

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