Who Is Kevin Tsujihara’s Wife? Sandy Tsujihara Wiki, Bio, Age, Children, Parents, Family, Net Worth, Height, Nationality, Instagram

Sandy Tsujihara Biography – Sandy Tsujihara Wiki

Sandy Tsujihara born Sandra Ann Yokoyama, is the wife of Kevin Tsujihara, former chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Sandy Tsujihara Age

She was born on September 5, 1966.

Sandy Tsujihara Husband

Sandy is married to Kevin Tsujihara. They have two children. Sandy was living in San Fransisco when she met Kevin, she was a friend of a family who lived nearby. She would not move to Los Angeles until Kevin proposed. She told Kevin, whose business QuickTax had just failed, that he also needed to have a job.

It was then that Kevin reached out to his contacts at Warner Brothers that he had met while working at Ernst & Young. In 1994, he began working as a theme park operator at Six Flags, and by 2005, he was the new president of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group. In 2013, Tsujihara was named CEO.

Sandy Tsujihara Children

Sandy and her husband Kevin Tsujihara have two children, Morgan Tsujihara and Matthew Tsujihara. Their daughter, Morgan, is a junior at La Canada High School in California and plays on the women’s basketball team. Matthew also went to La Canada high School, played on the men’s basketball team and graduated in 2018.

Sandy Tsujihara Family

She is the daughter of Fred and Kimi Yokoyama. Her father, Fred, died of heart and renal failure on August 1, 2007 aged 79. She has four siblings; Rick, Douglas, David and Mark.

Sandy Tsujihara Net Worth

Her net worth is not on record.

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