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Grace Hyland Biography

Grace Hyland Stevenson is the transgender daughter of former Home and Away star Mat Stevenson. Grace is a TikTok sensation with over 130,000 followers and an Instagram star. She is also a model represented by Duval Agency, an independent creative management and modelling agency.

Mat Stevenson Daughter

Mat Stevenson is the transgender daughter of former Home and Away star Mat Stevenson. Mat became a household name when he starred on Channel Seven soap Home and Away in the 90s, playing the role of Adam Cameron.

Grace Stevenson Transgender

Former Home and Away star Mat Stevenson made a special appearance on The Sunday Project this weekend with his transgender daughter Grace Stevenson for a candid chat with host Lisa Wilkinson, where they both revealed the journey they have been on while Grace has transitioned.

For as long as she can remember, Grace has identified as being a female. She said, “As young as like maybe four or five, just really feeling that I was a girl and I couldn’t explain it. And I just thought I was weird or destined for a life of unhappiness.”

When she turned 12, she found the courage to come out and went through a gradual transition. “I’d grow my hair out, get my name change sorted, sort out my blockers and then by the time I was fourteen, I was fully presenting as Grace to the public and at school.”

Lisa asked actor Mat what the impact was when Grace changed her name and started wearing girl’s clothes. He said, “So, it was a little awkward at first now calling Grace sweetheart instead of mate. Really, I guess feminising my approach.” He added: “As a bloke, it was pretty awkward to go to my male friendship group and say my son’s now my daughter, but then I look at the challenges and the difficulty of sharing that in comparison with the challenges that Grace sailed through and they pale into insignificance.”

“What was their reaction?” Lisa asked. Mat said: “I mean, some of my mates were pretty seamless, they got it. Some just couldn’t get it. Some really struggled with the concept. I’m a member of the local cricket club, I remember one of the boys came up to me, and said ‘Stevo, I just, I don’t get it mate. I just don’t get it.’ And I said, ‘It’s OK buddy, you don’t have to get it, all I’m asking you to do is love my daughter and show some empathy’. He goes, ‘Yeah, I can do that’.” Grace said she is truly so lucky to have had her father’s support.

“And it also helps, having some amazing women in my life and I really think that I do need to acknowledge the strength and courage of my mum, of my wife and Grace’s sister,” Mat said.

Grace said she told her stepmum first because she really could see there was something going on. She said, “I wrote it down on a post-it note because I was too scared to actually say that I was actually a transgender woman. But she was so supportive, and she really helped me navigate telling everyone. So she told my dad, she actually went over to my mum’s and sat her down and told her about everything that I had said.”

Grace then started on testosterone blockers which is an injection that stops the production of testosterone to prevent the development of male changes.

“If you let someone who identifies as trans, go through the wrong puberty, they have to live with certain body characteristics that they can never get rid of. And that can be debilitating,” she explained, adding that because of this suicide rates are high.

“So, this isn’t something that’s taken lightly and as dramatic as it may sound, if I was forced to go through a male puberty, I genuinely don’t think I would still be here. It would have destroyed me.”

Grace Hyland Before Surgery

Grace Hyland did not undergo surgery. She came out aged 12 and went through a gradual transition. She took testosterone blockers, an injection that stops the production of testosterone to prevent the development of male changes.

Grace Hyland Age

Grace Hyland was born in 2000. She is 20 years old.

Grace Hyland Height

Grace Hyland stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Grace Hyland Instagram

Grace Hyland’s Instagram account is @grace.hylandd.

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