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Fran Lee is a fashion stylist from London and a contestant on Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr. She describes her style as “contemporary bohemian”. When the pandemic hit, Fran lost almost all of her work overnight so she decided to redecorate her flat in order to keep busy. In doing so, she learnt how to be really creative on a tight budget.

Fran is a hands-on stylist and creative with nearly twenty years experience. According to her bio on her official website, “I immerse myself in every concept to ensure every detail is on point and I believe that there is more to the right outfit than just the ‘right’ clothes. I take inspiration from all around me, from street culture to the art world, architecture to politics (and everything in-between) often referencing the past, present and future with the understanding that fashion is a 360°world.” She is represented by her agent, Mass Movement Management.

Fran Lee Age

Fran Lee is 39 years old.

Fran Lee Husband

Is Fran Lee married? She has been married since 2018. In March 2022, Fran celebrated four years of marriage to her husband in an Instagram post. She wrote: “4 YEARS SINCE WE SAID ‘I DO’ …AND 10 YEARS TOGETHER!

“True Love is when you get your husband a clip on book light and he gets you a Dynamo Label Maker and you celebrate the occasion with a roast with your kids…”It may not be a fairytale and it is far from perfect but I know I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side…”

Fran Lee Instagram

Fran Lee’s Instagram handle is @fran_lee_creative.