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Evy Meehan Biography – Evy Meehan Wiki

Evy Meehan is a contestant on season 18 of MasterChef UK on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. She is an artist, interior designer and architect based in London, Worcester Park, United Kingdom.

Evy graduated from The University of Szczecin in Poland, with Master’s degree in Architecture and Spatial Planning. She first came to London in 2006 to experience working in large practices like RTKL Ltd. and TP Bennett before taking to art full time.

Ever since she can remember art has been a big part of her life. Evy learned the basic technique of drawing at Art Academy in Poland.

She then developed her own style. Most of her artwork has geometrical feel to it as its inspired by architecture. It contains little or no recognizable forms from the physical world. Focus is on formal elements such as colours, lines, or shapes. She abstracts objects from real life, changing, simplifying, exaggerating what she sees into colourful compositions full of lines and shapes.

She uses colour to capture reflections, refractions and shards of light. Making observations from what she sees gives her acrylic canvases a wonderful depth and substance. However there is an air of simplicity to her work.

Evy Meehan Age

Evy was age 38 at the time of filming MasterChef UK 2022. She was born in Poland and grew up in a little town called Tomaszow Mazowiecki in central Poland.

Evy Meehan Husband

Evy is married with two children, ages 12 and 7.

Evy Meehan MasterChef 2022

Evy Meehan is a MasterChef UK 2022 contestant. The home cook announced her appearance on the BBC competition on Instagram. She wrote: “I am very proud to finally announce I will be taking part in the new series of MasterChefUK @masterchefuk. Tune in to see how I do!”

Asked about his Food Style/Inspiration, the MasterChef contestant told the BBC: “I grew up in Poland so my childhood was full of quite hearty Polish food which I still love to cook, but I now take inspiration from so many more places. I love trying to elevate my food to that fine dining level, with beautiful presentation. I guess that’s the artist in me.”

Speaking about why he applied to go on MasterChef, he said: “I gave up my career as an architect to be a full-time mum. Now the children are a little older it’s time to do something for me.”

The MasterChef contestant is cooking for John Torode and Gregg Wallace in the 4th week of heats alongside Bhavina, Carly, Evy Meehan, Jamahl, James Skelton, Meg Long, Oli di Meo, Thomas and Vanessa.

Evy Meehan Nationality

Evy Meehan is of Polish nationality.

Evy Meehan Instagram

Evy Meehan’s Instagram handle is @evymeehan.