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Eric Larson Biography – Eric Larson Wiki

Eric Larson is a professional caddie on the PGA Tour. He is a caddie for Harris English. He previously caddied for the likes of Anthony Kim, Jeff Overton, Mark Calcavecchia and Ken Green.

Larson fell in love with golf at a young age in Appleton. “My father got me involved when I was 12,” Larson said. “And we belonged to Butte des Morts Country Club — my mother did. Played golf and worked at a golf course.”

Larson loved playing at Butte des Morts and also at Reid Municipal Golf Course and Ridgeway Country Club. He competed at Appleton West High School. After high school, he moved to Florida and briefly played golf at Palm Beach State College. He met Green and Calcavecchia around then through a mutual friend.

Larson was on Calcavecchia’s bag when he won the 1995 BellSouth Classic shortly before he went to prison, and after he got out and the two were reunited as player and caddie, Calcavecchia won the 2007 PODS Championship.

Eric Larson Jail

PGA Tour caddie Eric Larson spent 10 years in federal prison (1995-2005) after he was caught sending cocaine from South Florida to some buddies in Wisconsin. Larson said he never used drugs or sold them on tour, but he was given a harsh sentence because the cocaine crossed state lines.

Larson accepted his fate and counted the day until he, hopefully, could return to the PGA Tour. Calcavecchia, who visited Larson in all four prisons he was incarcerated — in North Carolina, California, outside of Orlando and Miami — hired Larson after his release and they won a tournament together to get Larson back in the game.

“I wasn’t really scared,’’ Larson said of going to prison. “It was the idea of spending so much time away knowing how much I’m going to miss in life. Calc came to see me at all the prisons, took his time to do that even when there wasn’t a tournament near me. He gave me the hope that when I got out I’d be able to get back on my feet.’’

Calcavecchia recalled his prison visits and phone calls with Larson.

“He’d call me collect and I’d accept and he would say, ‘Seventy-two more months,’ ’’ Calcavecchia told The Post. “I’d be like, ‘Jesus, he’s got a countdown going.’ I know how much it meant to him for me to visit. I tried to put myself in his position and what that would mean to me if I had a friend make the effort to see me if I was in prison.

“I did it because I wanted to do it,’’ Calcavecchia said. “That’s a long time he was in there, and to have something to look forward once the nightmare was finally over it’s got to be a huge help mentally.’’

At his second prison, Taft Correctional Institute in Taft, Calif., Larson met and became friends with Tommy Chong, of Cheech and Chong fame.

He, too, became acquainted in prison with Jordan Belfort, the former stock broker about which the “Wolf of Wall Street’’ movie was based.

Larson, who said he had a “two-year degree on the street’’ before he went to prison, earned his bachelor’s degree in business while behind bars “to keep the mind going, stay busy and help me pass the time.’’

Harris English Caddie

Harris English’s caddie is Eric Larson. He caddied for Kim and Overton before hooking up with English in 2017. Their 29-year age difference is like father-son, but their relationship is more like brothers.

“It’s about the perspective he brings,” English told the New York Post about Larson. “There’s nowhere I can put him on a golf course that’s going to be in a worse spot than he was in 15 years ago.

“I know he has my back and he’ll do anything for me, and I’ll do anything for him, too. That’s the kind of relationship you build with your caddie out here. You’re with him almost more than you’re with your wife, so you better respect him and like him and enjoy being around him.”

Eric Larson Net Worth

Caddie Eric Larson’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Eric Larson Salary

The standard caddie payout is 10 percent for a win.