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Edgardo Del Villar Biography – Edgardo Del Villar Wiki

Edgardo Del Villar was a Telemundo 47 news anchor and journalist. He co-anchored the evening broadcasts of “Noticiero 47 Telemundo” with Darling Burdiez until August 2020, when he left to focus on his health. He joined Telemundo 47 in 2017 after working as a correspondent and fill-in anchor at the Telemundo network in Miami. One of the first things he did when he joined Telemundo 47 was to volunteer to teach computer skills to the less fortunate. Prior to joining Telemundo, Del Villar worked for Televisa anchoring the Prime Time Show in Monterrey, Mexico. Before that, he was News Director for Radio as well as owning and conducting his own Radio News Shows.

Born in Monterrey, Mexico City, Del Villar moved to Florida in 2013 to work for Telemundo Network, a Division of NBC Network as News Anchor and International Correspondent. He had Anchored News shows since 2001 for Radio and Television. He has been nominated for an EMMY nine times and Awarded twice for his investigative and coverage of breaking news and Pope Francis visit to the USA.

He graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and was Awarded Thesis of Excellency in Business Administration. He held Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago and specialized in Global Business and Leadership from Harvard Extension School.

Edgardo Del Villar Telemundo 47

Edgardo Del Villar joined Telemundo 47 in 2017 after spending four years as a correspondent and anchor for Telemundo network in Miami. In August 2019, he underwent surgery after being diagnosed with brain cancer. He was off the air for several months, returning to the anchor desk in November 2019.

Del Villar took another medical leave earlier this year and had been off the air for several weeks until he announced his departure as an anchor of Telemundo 47 in August 2020 to focus on his battle with cancer. He bid farewell to his audiences in an emotional message, aired at the end of the station’s 6 pm newscast. He said in his emotional message:

“Hello, my friends. I’ve missed you. Allow me the honor of expressing my sincere appreciation for your trust and support, for welcoming me into your homes, for your many prayers, your well wishes and your love. I love you too. You all know about my fight against cancer. It’s the toughest fight I’ve ever faced in my life. But I feel lucky, blessed, and eternally optimistic. I’ve decided to take some time to focus on my health, so you will no longer see me on Telemundo 47. It wasn’t easy, but all my efforts will now be applied to winning the battle against cancer.

With your continued prayers and well wishes, I know that I will be able to gain ground. Please keep in touch. I will share news on my progress whenever I can. I will continue to send blessings to you and your wonderful families. Life has cycles that open and close, but they always leave us lessons that I will always cherish. I hope your cycles are full of happiness, adventure and love. Farewell, thank you and God bless you.”

Edgardo Del Villar Age

Edgardo Del Villar born in 1969, in Monterrey, Mexico. He died December 13, 2020. He was 51 years old.

Edgardo Del Villar Wife

Edgardo Del Villar was married to his wife Carolina Novoa.

Edgardo Del Villar Children

Edgardo Del Villar has a daughter, Dana Princesa.

Edgardo Del Villar Family

Edgardo Del Villar is survived by his mother, siblings, his wife,  Carolina Novoa, and his daughter, Dana Princesa.

Edgardo Del Villar Death

Telemundo 47 News Anchor Edgardo Del Villar died Sunday, Dec. 13, 2020, at the age of 55, after a two-year battle with brain cancer. He died at his home in Bergen County, New Jersey, surrounded by his wife and daughter, Telemundo 47 announced Monday, Dec. 14. The station said the native of Mexico “had a large following in the Mexican community through more than twenty years in journalistic roles in Mexico and the United States.”

Cristina Schwarz, president and general manager of Telemundo 47, said in a statement: “Edgardo del Villar was a talented journalist and gifted storyteller with a smile that lit up the screen. We stood in awe as he fought an incurable disease with remarkable resolve; pushing himself to the limits, returning to the air throughout his treatment and remaining positive and upbeat through it all. He was our inspiration and we loved him. Our station family extends condolences to Edgardo’s mother, his siblings, his wife Carolina – and his beloved daughter, Dana.”

Telemundo 47 said Edgardo had “an unbreakable resolve to defeat the impossible. He refused to give up in the face of a fast-spreading and fully incurable disease. He pushed himself to the limits, returning to the air throughout his treatment and remaining positive and upbeat through it all. He was our inspiration – and we loved him.”

Edgardo Del Villar Cause of Death

Edgardo Del Villar’s cause of death was brain cancer. He underwent surgery in August 2019, after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Edgardo Del Villar Net Worth

Edgardo Del Villar’s net worth was estimated to be $3 million.

Edgardo Del Villar Instagram

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