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Dr. Lucy Jones Biography – Dr. Lucy Jones Wiki

Dr. Lucy Jones (Lucile M. Jones) is a seismologist and author. Jones is a graduate of Brown University, where she studied Chinese language and literature, and holds a Ph.D. in geophysics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

She is the author of the book, The Big Ones (Doubleday, April 2018) and is also a Research Associate at the Seismological Laboratory of Caltech, a post she has held since 1984.

Jones worked for decades for the United States Geological Survey, most recently leading the agency’s long-term science planning for natural hazards research at the USGS Science Advisor for Risk Reduction.

Jones announced in 2016 that she was retiring from the USGS after 33 years with the agency. She maintained her long-held appointment as a research associate at the Seismological Laboratory of Caltech, saying the retirement will allow her to “focus on SoCal.” She went on to found the Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society in 2016.

The death and destruction of the Northridge earthquake was unforgettable for Southern Californians, but Jones said the Landers’ 7.3-magnitude earthquake in 1992 also stands out in her mind.

“It was an earthquake where we were really concerned about what came next,” Jones said in a 2016 interview. “Everyone wanted to ask us what came next and we were overwhelmed with the people asking us stuff and the demands on us and the number of aftershocks that were happening. There were over 70,000 aftershocks to that earthquake.”

Jones said over her decades of work, the most noticeable change has come in the form of technological advancement. “When the Whittier Narrows earthquake happened, we took the paper records off the drums and laid them out with a ruler and measured the sizes to try to estimate the magnitude,” Jones explained. “We’re now determining it before the earthquake is over. That’s what early warning is.”

Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society

Dr. Lucy Jones is the founder of the Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society, with a mission to foster the understanding and application of scientific information in the creation of more resilient communities.

According to Dr. Jones’ biography on her website, “Working with both the public and private sectors, Dr. Jones seeks to increase communities’ ability to adapt and be resilient to the dynamic changes of the world around them. The aim is to understand and communicate where the greatest vulnerabilities lie and what actions can be taken to reduce the risk that are the most cost-effective.”

Dr. Lucy Jones Age

She was born in 1955.

Dr. Lucy Jones Husband

She is married to her husband fellow seismologist Egill Hauksson.

Dr. Lucy Jones Children

Dr. Jones and her husband have two sons.

Dr. Lucy Jones Salary – Dr. Lucy Jones Net Worth

This information is being updated.

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