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Dani Kerr is a country music singer from Statesville, North Carolina, and a contestant on America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023.

The Statesville, North Carolina native has loved music ever since she was a child, but it took her some time to get over her nerves and be willing to give performing a shot. At one low point, Dani backed out of a school talent show because of debilitating stage fright. At the age of 16, working at her aunt’s restaurant, she finally garnered the courage to step onto the stage.

As a teenager, Dani faced her share of personal woes. She was homeless the last couple years of high school and although traumatic, she was able to use that pain as an anchor for her songwriting and it shows in the energy of her dynamic live performances.

“It gave me a lot of strength and power, having to go through that. I think that’s really helped my music. I feel thankful for the bumpy road that has led me here. And to be able to make my living in this world as a musician and performer is beyond a dream come true. It’s everything to me.”

Dani Kerr Age

Dani Kerr was age 24 at the time of her AGT audition. She is originally from Statesville, North Carolina.

Dani Kerr America’s Got Talent

Country Singer Dani Kerr is a contestant on America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023. Dani’s nerves got the better of her during her America’s Got Talent audition, but Judge Simon Cowell gave her a second chance to impress the panel with her “beautiful,” raspy voice that earned a high honor from Cowell himself.

Cowell declared the Statesville, North Carolina native’s voice as one of his “favorite voices this year.”

“I love your songs. I think you’re a great writer,” he told her after she hit the final note in her second original song. “Authentic, and importantly, your voice is so distinctive and not only distinctive, you have a beautiful voice.”

He wasn’t the only one blown away by the 23-year-old’s singing abilities. Kerr had Judge Howie Mandel conjuring up images of a rock icon.

““You’re amazing,” he told her. “You remind me of like a Stevie Nicks.”

Judge Heidi Klum said that she was also getting a Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus vibe from the singer/songwriter.

“I love all of them,” an emotional Kerr said of drawing the celebrity comparisons.

All four Judges on the talent competition gave Kerr a coveted “yes” vote, sending her on to the next round of competition.

Dani Kerr Instagram

Kerr’s Instagram handle is @dani.j.kerr.