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Damian Hurley Biography – Damian Hurley Wiki

Damian Hurley full name Damian Charles Hurley, is an English actor and model. He is signed by model agency Tess Management. In July 2016, it was announced that Hurley was cast as Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein in The Royals, an E! series which stars his mother as the Queen of England. Hansel is a reality TV star in the December 2016 episode “Aye, There’s the Rub”. He reprised the role in the April 2018 episode “My News Shall Be the Fruit to That Great Feast”.

Damian’s godfathers include Elton John, Hugh Grant, David Furnish, Henry Dent Brocklehurst, David Beckham, Patsy Kensit, Heath Ledger and Denis Leary.

Damian was born in London, England. He grew up in Gloucester, with his mother and her then spouse, business tycoon Arun Nayar. He and his mother then lived part-time in Australia due to Elizabeth’s relationship with Australian cricket player Shane Warne.

Damian Hurley Age

Damian was born on 4 April 2002 in London, England as Damian Charles Hurley.

Damian Hurley Parents

He is the son of actress Elizabeth Hurley and American businessman Steve Bing.

Damian Hurley Father

Damian was born to actress Elizabeth Hurley through her relationship with American businessman Steve Bing. Although Bing initially denied paternity, a DNA test subsequently confirmed him as the father. In a court settlement, Bing agreed to pay £1.8 million in annual installments of £100,000 for Hurley, though his mother reportedly declined to accept the payout.

Damian reportedly did not have a relationship with his father growing up. In 2020, shortly after her ex’s passing, Elizabeth revealed that, although Steve had previously denied paternity, he had called Damian on his 18th birthday in April 2020, expressing hopes of building a relationship.

Damian Hurley Net Worth

Damian Hurley’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. In July 2021, Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian was cut out of his grandfather’s trust, losing him an expected £180million in inheritance.

Just over a year on from the death of his father, Steve Bing, it has been revealed that Damian’s paternal grandfather, multimillionaire Dr Peter Bing, has appealed the decision to allow Damian, and his half-sister Kira Kerkorian, a share of their father’s fortune on the basis that they were born out of wedlock.

Elizabeth said in a statement to The Daily Mail: “When Stephen took his own life, he died thinking his children were going to be taken care of. What Stephen wanted has now been callously reversed. I know Stephen would have been devastated.

“Stephen fought very hard in his last year to have his children recognised and repeatedly told me how incredibly important this was to him.

The actress continued: “He was happy beyond belief that the trial verdict ruled that Damian was to be treated like his sister’s children as far as the trust was concerned,” adding: “I am just relieved that Stephen will never know that Damian’s relatives — Stephen’s father and the family of his sister Mary — were ultimately successful in their appeal against the original trial verdict.”

Kira’s mother, former tennis pro Lisa Bonder, added: “As a mum, I wonder why on earth this had to happen. Why make two innocent kids into victims?”

Steve’s fortune, which he himself inherited from his real estate mogul grandfather when he was just 18, will be split between the two children of his sister Mary, Anton Ellis and Lucy Ellis.

On 22 June 2020, Steve was found dead in his luxury apartment building in LA’s Century City neighbourhood. The film producer, who founded Sangri-La Entertainment and is perhaps best known for investing in films including The Polar Express and Beowulf, was 55 years old. He dated Elizabeth in 2001, and Damian was born soon after in 2002.

Damian Hurley Height

Damian stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch tall.

Damian Hurley Nationality

He is of British and American nationality.

Damian Hurley Ethnicity

He is of Russian Jewish/German Jewish, English, and Irish descent.

Damian Hurley Sexuality – Damian Hurley Transgender

Is Damian Hurley transgender? He is not a transgender. He was born male and has never transitioned. However, News Break reported that he came out as transgender in 2017. This claim has not been confirmed.

Damian Hurley Gay – Damian Hurley Partner

Is Damian Hurley Gay? He is not gay.

Damian Hurley Instagram

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