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Lara Lettice Johnson Wiki, Age, Boris Johnson’s Daughter, Siblings, Family, Job, Net Worth, Twitter and Instagram

Lara Lettice Johnson Biography – Lara Lettice Johnson Wiki

Lara Lettice Johnson is working as a writer, an editor, and a broadcaster. She is a resident of London. She is famously known for being the first child and daughter of Borris Johnson the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party since the year 2019.

She went to school at Bedales School in Petersfield. The school is known for being liberal and free-spirited in its approach to education. It is worth £33,000 per year and is the same school where her mother attended. Recently, her grandfather Stanley Johnson, hit the press headlines earlier this week after making his controversial statements on daytime television.

In the interview on television, he indicated that he would ignore his son’s advice to shun social venues.
‘Of course, I’ll go to the pub if I need to go to a pub,’ he said, in defiance of official advice to the contrary.

When he was questioned about the circumstances in which it would become necessary to visit a pub, he replied:

‘Well, because the people who run pubs need a few people. They don’t want people to be not in the pub at all. That’s my line.’

Lara Lettice Johnson Age

She was born in 1993.

Lara Lettice Johnson Parents

She is the firstborn daughter of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party – Boris Johnson and her mother Marina Wheeler. Her parents got divorced in the recent past.

Lara Lettice Johnson Siblings

Her siblings are Theodore Apollo Johnson, Cassia Peaches Johnson and Milo Arthur Johnson.

Lara Lettice Johnson Grandparents

Her paternal grandparents are Stanley Johnson and Charlotte Johnson Wahl while her maternal grandparents are Dip Singh and Charles Wheeler.

Lara Lettice Johnson Net Worth

Lara Lettice Johnson’s net worth is still being updated.

Lara Lettice Johnson Instagram

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