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Cleopatra Singleton is an actress and the daughter of film director John Singleton. Cleopatra appeared in her father’s 2001 drama Baby Boy. She also appeared in Squatter.

Cleopatra Singleton has gotten more attention for the claims she made regarding her father’s health. According to the Wrap, Cleopatra felt that Singleton was not in a coma, and that his medical condition was being “misrepresented” by her grandmother Sheila Ward.

Cleopatra stated that she wanted her brother Maasai to be named conservator of her father and his estate, and went as far as to call Ward’s behavior toward the rest of the family “disturbing.” She went on to say that her father’s condition was “progressing” prior to his death, and that thought it possible that he could have made a full recovery.

“[Sheila Ward] has abused this position particularly pertaining to the support of his children,” Cleopatra said. “Sadly my father’s allowed his mother to stay in that position out of fear and obligation to her as she’s bullied and abandoned my father since he was small child, leaving him emotionally defenseless. She had already stated that she plans to liquidate his assets immediately and leave his children with nothing, even to go as far as to sell his house and remove his girlfriend and infant son the premises.”

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She is 21 years old.

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