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Christopher Haul Biography – Christopher Haul Wiki

Christopher Haul is a Welsh singer-songwriter, model and contestant on Survivor UK 2023. The South Wales native always wanted to be a performer from a young age.

Since moving to London, Christopher has collaborated with renowned industry producers such as ‘Ed Case’ (Gorillaz / Mizteeq), Giz-i-Am (Emeli Sande / Gloria Gaynor), and Gros Soda (Ellie Goulding / Leona Lewis / John Newman).

In 2017, he released his debut EP, ‘Something’s Changed,’ and launched his fashion label, Haul London, with an online store for both men and women. As a commercial model, Christopher has worked on major campaigns such as Lucozade, Ted Baker, Perry Ellis and Virgin Media to name a few.

In August 2021, Christopher appeared on the ITV gameshow, Rolling In It, and was paired with Aussie singer and Neighbours star, Jason Donovan.

Christopher Haul Age

Christopher Haul was born on November 29, 1988, in Bridgend, Wales. He is 34 years old as of 2023.

Christopher Haul Survivor UK

Welsh singer Christopher Haul, 34, is one of the 18 contestants taking part in Survivor UK 2023 on BBC, hosted by Joel Dommett.

What made you want to be a contestant on Survivor?

I wanted to be a contestant on Survivor because I wanted to take myself out of my comfort zone and face my fears. I wanted to undertake the hardest challenges, on land, in the air or in the sea, I want to prove to myself that I have got what it takes, that I can achieve anything. The idea of having nothing but the clothes on my back seemed a million miles away from what I do in real life.

Having all luxuries taken away and food restricted whilst having to undertake the toughest game show on earth just excited me. I thought it’s the best way to push myself, to learn how to survive and do challenges as I’m extremely competitive. I am at the stage in my life where I am more confident and determined to do something which I feel I can do well with the determination and competitive spirit to outwit, outplay, and outlast.

What qualities did you think you’d bring to the game?

In a social game I can work very well as a team and look out for people if we click and care for each other. I love the sense of adventure and I think I bring the sense of warmth, openness and fun. I want people to feel comfortable around me and know that they can talk to me about anything. Equally, I think I have a very mischievous side, a side that wants to have fun and do my very best!

I am extremely determined and knew that I would give it my all to do my best with no regrets. I believe I can adapt to any situation, I work well under pressure and I’m very easy to get along with which brings a good team spirit when working well as a tribe or as an individual.

How did you prepare yourself mentally and physically for taking part?

I am generally into my gym, fitness and being outdoors, but in my opinion there is not a lot you can do that prepares you for the Survivor experience as it’s totally unique and there are so many things to deal with. There’s the lack of food, building your own shelter, having no shower or bath, doing challenges, all whilst sleeping on hard bamboo next to people that you have no idea whether they are your friend or want to see you voted off. I didn’t really do anything drastic to prepare myself for the show apart from continue to do my normal routine but maybe doing a bit more cardio and swimming than I usually would.

Did you have a strategy for how you were going to play the game?

I didn’t have a big master plan but I did have the strategy to keep my eyes and ears open and to do my best. That way I can just adapt and make moves when needed, take it day by day and never give up even when things turn really tough.

How competitive are you?

I am extremely competitive, I will just keep going even when I feel like I can’t give anymore. I will do whatever it takes to outlast the biggest strongest contender, I am one not to be messed with, I play to win!

What kind of challenges were you most looking forward to?

I was most looking forward to the obstacle courses, the physical challenges and the challenges that really push you. The under-water challenge was exciting because it’s really a mental game and you have to tap into a place where you will either keep going or you crumble.

How did you cope with living on a beach with no home comforts?

I struggled with the thought of sleeping on a beach with creepy crawlies and the unknown terrified me and I wasn’t sure I would be able to cope. But I surprised myself and managed to adapt and got used to having no phone, no spare clothes and no home comforts. I adapted very quickly and started to enjoy being around nature and sleeping under the stars. It was tough, and very uncomfortable, but it was also incredible.

How did you cope with the hunger?

The hunger was probably the thing I found the hardest. I love food, all sorts of food and I eat a lot. I really did struggle with the lack of food. It ended up pushing me even harder to try and win the rewards because I just wanted to eat even though you feel drained from being so hungry!

What did you learn from being on the show?

I learned that I am a lot more resilient and stronger than I thought. Before I went on the show I was a little unsure about it all, there was a lot of fear and many doubts in my head. I wanted to push myself and make sure that if I can do my best, then I have zero regrets. I can honestly say that I have zero regrets because I really did give it my all!

Christopher Haul Height

Survivor UK contestant Christopher Haul stands at a height of 6′1″ (1.85 m).

Christopher Haul Ethnicity

Bridgend singer Christopher Haul is of mixed race. He is half Ghanaian.

Christopher Haul Instagram

Christopher Haul’s Instagram handle is @christopher.haul.