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Cameron MacBeth is a Scottish professional chef and head chef at Cornerstone Seafood Restaurant in the Highland port of Mallaig. He is also a contestant on the 16th series of MasterChef: The Professionals on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Cameron has worked in the coastal town of Mallaig all his life. Starting out at 17, he now runs the kitchen of his family restaurant, with mum and brother both working front of house.

Cameron trained under Donald Mclean and Gary Phillips, as well as doing stages at The Kitchin and Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. He now runs the kitchen at his family restaurant called the Cornerstone.

Speaking about how he got into cooking, Cameron told the BBC: “Food has always been part of my life but I always thought I’d be a football player, like most boys I’m sure! At 18 I was given the opportunity to work as a chef away from home but I found it was too soon after my dad passed away so continued working under Donald until we took the leap to take over the Cornerstone.”

Speaking about his passions outside of cooking, he said: “I love running, fishing and really enjoy golf too, so that will occasionally creep into my days off – if there’s time.”

Cameron MacBeth Age

Chef Cameron MacBeth was age 25 at the time of filming of the MasterChef: The Professionals 2023.

Cameron MacBeth Partner

Cameron MacBeth lives with his partner and two-year-old son. Family comes first to the MasterChef contestant. He said: “Any time I’m not at work I spend with my girlfriend and my little boy. It’s hard fitting in family life with chef life so it’s important to prioritise that.”

Cameron MacBeth MasterChef: The Professionals

25-year-old Cameron MacBeth is one of the MasterChef: The Professionals 2023 contestants cooking in the first heat on BBC One and iPlayer. The heat one contestants, who’ll be cooking up a storm in the hopes of securing a spot in the next round, include Cameron, Catrin Rehnström, Himanshu Verma and Dara Ryan.

Cameron wanted to take part in MasterChef: The Professionals to learn and be around fantastic chefs. He said: “When the restaurant is closed in the winter I like to go and do Stages in other restaurants to grow and learn as a chef. The MasterChef experience is another way of learning and being around fantastic chefs. I embrace the challenge. I’m very excited that this is a part of my journey so early on in my career because I intend to keep growing and learning as a chef.”

Describing his style of cooking and any influences on it, Cameron said: “My dishes are massively inspired by the local fish and produce I’m lucky to have on my doorstep. Local fishermen bring in fish daily and I base my menus around this. At the restaurant, we have to create dishes that can be executed quickly, as every day The Hogwarts Express train stops off in the village and we have about an hour to serve as many people as possible! In a way this is good practice for MasterChef: The Professionals! I’d say my food is seasonal, refined and fresh – celebrating Scotland and amazing produce.”

Cameron MacBeth Nationality

MasterChef’s Cameron MacBeth is of Scottish nationality.

Cameron MacBeth Instagram

Cameron MacBeth’s Instagram handle is @cornerstonerestaurant_.