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Miles Khan Biography – Miles Khan Wiki

Miles Khan is a graphic designer and MasterChef UK 2023 contestant. Born and bred in Croydon he now lives in Honor Oak Park, South East London with friends.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

“Natural, organic, contemporary, modern European, grass roots, experimental, farm to table. I am inspired by natural, fresh produce and the many flavour profiles that can be shown off through artisanal and traditional cooking methods and processes like fermenting, ageing, pickling, curing and clarifying. I’m especially inspired by chefs like Ana Rož from Hiša Franko as well as restaurants like Noma, The Sea The Sea, Elliots, St Johns, The Picklery and Pidgin.”

What is your earliest cooking memory?

“Even as a mere embryo, I spent every summer holiday in Slovenia until I was about 15 years old. My earliest memory of cooking is going through the forests in Slovenia with my cousins and family, picking mushrooms and berries, corn and vegetables from the garden. I’d go to my auntie’s house and watch her cook, and help clean and wash the berries and fruits.

When I came back to England I remember helping my Mum and my Guyanese aunties and Nani make rotis, making the dough, clapping the roti, stirring the pot and helping add the ingredients. When I got to around 18 I moved out and remember starving and being broke. I took everything I remembered and cooked an arrabbiata everyday until I nailed it. From then the doors opened and I’ve not stopped cooking since, one new dish at a time.”

Why did you enter MasterChef?

“I’ve always dithered between careers, always trying new things but the whole time in the background my passion was always in culinary artistry. In hindsight, it was the path I wish I had taken earlier, but alas I got older and time ran away with me. Going on MasterChef was the push I needed to give me that focus and conscious effort to make something of all the cooking I have been doing over the years and see if I can turn it into a career.”

“I love embracing change and finding focus, but I have ADHD and I struggle to stay engaged on one thing, when I’m in the kitchen cooking, it’s the only time I feel ‘normal’ and on point. I wanted to break out of Instagram and just photos of food, and prove to people that I can really cook, showing how hard I have worked to come up with my recipes. I pick, source and manufacture as much produce and products as possible to use within my recipes and what better way to show that than on the world’s most well-known cooking show on TV!”

What is your food dream?

“The ultimate dream is to meet new chefs, travel the world eating, stage in kitchens that celebrate quality, local produce and foraged foods. I want to be a SPONGE, learning as much as possible. With all the knowledge I gain, I want to come back to the UK and run supper clubs with a taster menu showcasing what I have learned in that season. I want to eventually open a restaurant that features ever changing creative food with simplicity, class and finesse.

I want to document all of the above by filming it and showing the world how accessible amazing food can be to the masses. You don’t have to have a Michelin star or a degree in botany to make the most of your ingredients. I want to inspire people to be more resourceful with food, showing that once you break it down you can make lots of your own ingredients, because I did and I have no training or professional background in food at all!”

Miles Khan Age

MasterChef contestant Miles Khan is 35 years old as of 2023. He was born and bred in Croydon.

Miles Khan Masterchef

Miles Khan is one of the nine home cooks cooking for John Torode and Gregg Wallace in the third week of heats of MasterChef 2023. He is competing on the hit BBC One cookery competition MasterChef alongside Hannah Scothern, Joseph, Linda Zouggari, Michelle Moles, Mirel Marchis, Ngoneh Jobe, Owen and Thuy Hoang.

Miles Khan Instagram

Miles Khan’s Instagram handle is @miles.khan.