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Bryan Olesen Biography – Bryan Olesen Wiki

Bryan Olesen is a Christian rock guitarist, vocalist, and singer-songwriter. He is a contestant on the 25th season of The Voice.

Bryan is predominantly recognized for his contributions to two prominent Christian music groups, namely Newsboys and VOTA.

He played a pivotal role in the formation of VOTA, originally known as Casting Pearls, alongside Case Maranville. Serving as the lead vocalist and guitarist since its inception in the late 1990s, Bryan has been instrumental in shaping the band’s identity and sound.

Additionally, Bryan’s involvement with Newsboys commenced when he stepped in for guitarist Jody Davis, who was unable to perform due to personal reasons. Initially a temporary replacement, Bryan’s talent and dedication led to his official announcement as Davis’ successor in February 2004.

He continued as the lead guitarist and background vocalist for Newsboys until January 2006, when he decided to shift his focus back to VOTA.

Bryan Olesen The Voice

Bryan is competing in the twenty-fifth season of The Voice Blind Audition as a part of John Legend’s team in 2024.

Olesen turned three of the four-judge chairs with his rendition of One Republic‘s “Love Runs Out” during the blind auditions.

After his electrifying performance, the judges were so impressed that they extended a special invitation for Olesen’s daughter, Jadyn, to join him on stage for a spontaneous duet. Their heartwarming performance not only showcased Bryan’s talent but also highlighted the power of family bonds through music.

In a significant turn of events, he ultimately decided to join John Legend’s esteemed team, marking the beginning of a promising partnership between the seasoned musician and one of the industry’s most celebrated voices.

The other contestants on the season include; Dani Stacy, Nadège, Nathan Chester, Kamalei Kawa’a, Gene Taylor, Jackie Romeo, Madison Curbelo, Anya True, and Ryan Argast.

Bryan Olesen Age

He was born Bryan David Olesen on November 1, 1973, in Hartford, Connecticut. He currently resides in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Bryan Olesen Wife

He was married to his ex-wife Jennifer Hines on August 23, 1997, and has three children. In his Voice bio segment, Bryan noted he is coming off a divorce and is the oldest contestant on Season 25.

“The past couple of years came up on a pretty heavy season in life,” Olsen explained. “My marriage ended after 24 years and my divorce was the hardest thing that I’ve faced yet.” He explained during the opening of Season 25’s third episode tonight.

Olsen said he pulled through with the support of his daughter Jadyn.

Bryan Olesen Children

The singer-songwriter is a father of three. His children are Jadyn Cree, Liam David, and Myles Walker. Olsen said he pulled through with the support of his daughter Jadyn.

Bryan Olesen Parents

He was born to his parents John and Norine Olesen.

Bryan Olesen Net Worth

The Voice season 25 contestant Bryan’s net worth is not readily available or accurately documented in public sources.


His Instagram handle is @bryanolesen.