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Ava Graham Biography – Ava Graham Wiki

Ava Graham is an On-air Studio Assistant on the WIP Morning Show. She is the youngest daughter of Big Daddy Graham, a Philadelphia sports radio personality and comedian. Big Daddy Graham (born Edward Gudonis) was known for hosting the overnight radio show on WIP.

Big Daddy Graham passed away on Wednesday, September 8, 2021, at the age of 68, Sportsradio 94WIP’s morning show announced. According to the morning show’s Angelo Cataldi, Graham had beaten cancer in the past and then, in 2019, was diagnosed with a blood clot on his spine that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Cataldi said Graham never fully recovered.

Ava Graham Age

Ava Graham’s age is unclear. Her father wrote that on her 16th birthday, Ava asked for a limo “To pick up all my friends and drive around the neighborhood for a couple of hours.”

Ava Graham Family – Big Daddy Graham Daughter Ava Graham

Ava Graham is the daughter of Big Daddy Graham and Debbie. She has an older sister, Keely. Following her father’s death, Ava wrote on Twitter: “I have no words right now other than I love you Dad.”

Ava Graham Husband

Ava Graham is married to her husband Bill Matz. Ava and Bill Matz have been married since October 2020. Before the wedding, Big Daddy Graham spoke to South Jersey Magazine about his son-in-law. He said: “Ten years ago, Ava told me she had a high school friend, Bill Matz, who wanted to intern on my show. Now, I work the overnight/early morning shift and it’s not easy finding interns, so I gladly took him on. He quickly became popular with my listeners and ended up as a guest on my show every Friday. (He now hosts a successful podcast of his own.) He’s funny and articulate, a real pro.

“So, what happened a few years ago? I received a very polite phone call from Bill explaining to me that he and my daughter Ava were dating and “was I cool about that?” I was. And now they’re getting married this month. And I am one very proud father of the bride.”

Ava Graham Wedding

Ava Graham got married on Oct. 10, 2020, in a 40-guest affair in her parents’ living room. There was no beautiful church wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They hired a piano player and the “reception” was a fun dinner at Carolina Blue in Pitman. Her father served as the disc jockey. The couple had to wait until May before they got to enjoy their Aruba honeymoon.

She got engaged in March 2020. On her wedding day, Ava Graham wrote on Twitter: “Getting married today and I’m already overwhelmed with emotion. All the messages with well wishes is putting this bride over the edge so I’ll check back in later once I’m a Mrs.”

Ava Graham Instagram

Ava Graham’s Instagram handle is @avagraham2.

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