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Antonio Cruz Vaamonde Biography – Antonio Cruz Vaamonde Wiki

Antonio Cruz Vaamonde is a contestant on MasterChef Australia 2023 and Software Developer from New South Wales. Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, Antonio Cruz Vaamonde moved to Australia in 2015 to pursue a better life. His biggest influence and supporter, his grandmother whom he called ‘Mamucha’, encouraged him to make the move and the pair often spoke about him applying for MasterChef. Mamucha sadly passed away during the pandemic which heartbreakingly denied final goodbyes, so Antonio will be cooking in the MasterChef kitchen in 2023 to honour their strong bond.

This joyful cook watched both his mother and Mamucha in the kitchen growing up and learnt a great deal from observing the family’s matriarchs. Antonio will lean into his sweet and savoury strengths in the kitchen which include desserts, pastries and sweets, as well as Italian flavours, Asian cuisines, barbecue methods and showcasing his South American culinary heritage. He will draw on the support of his whole family, including his dad and three younger sisters.

Citing Gordon Ramsay and social media star Andy Hearnden among his favourite chefs, Antonio loves collating ideas and elements from many cooks and chefs to combine for his own creations. He anticipates tapping into the skillset of his day job too, with troubleshooting and ‘hot fixes’ of the software development world likely to have application in the MasterChef kitchen.

Outside the kitchen, Antonio enjoys riding motorcycles, music, movies, hiking, cycling, playing guitar and spending time with friends and his beloved golden retriever, Ziggy.

Having realised that food is his calling, Antonio would love his own patisserie, a place where he can share his creations and people can gather with their own loved ones. Ideally this would be alongside his mother, also a talented baker, bringing a shared dream to life, according to her MasterChef Australia Season 15 biography.

Antonio Cruz Vaamonde Age

MasterChef Australia season 15 contestant Antonio Cruz Vaamonde is 34 years old as of 2023. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela.

Antonio Cruz Vaamonde Family

MasterChef Australia contestant Antonio has three younger sisters.

Antonio Cruz Vaamonde MasterChef Australia

Antonio Cruz Vaamonde is one of the 18 contestants competing on the 15th season of MasterChef Australia: Secrets & Surprises in 2023. He wrote on Instagram: “I’m so excited to be part of the @masterchefau family!”

He said in another Instagram post: “This bunch of legends are going to be cooking up a storm from Monday 1st May! It’s still crazy to think I’m part of this group! I hope you guys love the music,” alongside a photo of the MasterChef Australia 2023 contestants.

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Antonio Cruz Vaamonde Nationality

He is of Venezuelan nationality.

Antonio Cruz Vaamonde Ethnicity

He is of South American heritage.


Antonio Cruz Vaamonde’s Instagram handle is @acruzvaamonde.